Friday, October 06, 2006

Temporary Retirement

I am taking a short break from Online Poker.. wait until the heat from the fuzz dies down. Actually the new laws have nothing to do with it. I just feel like a break. I cashed out my funds which makes it around 2K cashed out this year. Nothing big but it is nice to be ahead.

I guess since I am a pillar of the Blogging community I will have to chose a date for the Foxwoods trip.. It will be forthcoming. I can promise nothing in the way of being a good host. Now if Carmen came down that would be something special!!! I forget if that is when she is going to be in Maryland anyways? Possibly? I will pick a date soon anyways.. then we can get a head count. See ya there in my ratty jeans and a T-shirt.

I have not taken a break from Poker however as I plan to hit up Foxwoods possibly this weekend. It depends on how the side-work goes this weekend. It is hard to pass up mad money to go play poker. Even though poker is much more fun it does not even come close to comparing to the money I get freelancing. Chris was thinking of hitting up the woods tonight possibly.. If that is still on let me know!!! If not I will probably wander in there sometime Saturday/Sunday.

I was thinking Sunday might be cool.. although I am not sure if they have the games on in some sports bar there.. anyone ever watch Sunday Football at Foxwoods? Is it any good? Where should I go? I think my forray back into online play might just happen when my good friend MiamiDon unveils his latest surprise. I will not ruin it for him. It is hush. hush. Top secret.

Go and tell him he did goot for a cash playah in his MTTs last night. We actually had an interesting debate while I was railing him in the 20K. He saw a smallish stack (M<10) keep pushing with hands like AK/JJ etc. The small stack had just under 10BB left. His idea was to raise 3x and play a hand.. I was in favor of the push. I think this is standard MTT strategy. The idea being to make your opponent make a loose call and to double up. Since your so low you need the chips. I think we both agreed the best strategy is to not get that low.

If your playing too tight and letting yourself be blinded out then it is your own fault if pushing becomes your only option. I think one thing Ick does to consistently money is constant steals. He *tries* to not get his stack too low.. I think in the middle-end game I tighten up too much.. especially when I have a nice stack. I figure I can wait for a hand. However usually this allows the rest of the field to catch up with me and the blinds to punish me. I need to add more aggression in and keep my leads.


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