Monday, November 20, 2006

Karma: It's a Bitch

I just found this to be extremely just. It was painful to watch but somehow funny and extremely just in a refreshing way.

Crap why not make it a U-Tube kind of day. I do not know if this video is funny but doesn't this bitch look like Gollum from the fucking Hobbit? I mean what better advertising for why kids should not become crack hoes.

What is with this crap with the PS3? I mean I was a huge nerd and still am. I love video games. Even in my prime of playing though I am not going to kill someone to get the latest system. I am not going to take my geek ass no-muscle, play station playing, wimp ass against a line of policemen with big fucking sticks! I mean get some brains you idiots. At least one guy has the right idea.


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