Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Tale of Two Players

Flights of Iakaris
A person raises in EP. He looks at his hand and sees a BEAUTIFUL ATo. He says to himself "I can not comprehend the audacity of a mongoloid player thinking such and obvious simplistic fake steal from early position will work on someone with the intellect of a diety! I shall push him all in and punish his mis though aggressions with swift justice!!!!".. just as the time is about to expire he pushes. The EP player gladly calls with his AKs and the flop comes Txx giving our hero a victory in yet another major tourney.

Deep in a 10/MTT with a $1600 prize our hero finds himself with a decent amount of chips but looking for a double up to help push him over the hump. He looks down at the KQc and even though he hates this hand he decides to go for it. He raises 4xBB trying to take it down here. Everyone folds except an early limper and the flop comes Q8x. He thinks to himself, "No Flush draws, No real good straight draws.. hmmm I may actually be able to win this". SO he pushes all of his chips into the middle. He hears a little ehhhawwwwing and finally his opponent calls. The opponent flips over his ultra-powerful J8o that is worth calling raises with and also calling off over half your stack. Waffles has dominated another player.. but wait.. it's coming.. yes, the Jack on the river to dash any hope of victory from our hero. Ehhhawwwws win again.

Such is the life of Waffles. At least I killed the Razz table for 3 buyins last night. WOO HOO! With the loses suffered the bankroll was able to grow a little. I am so itching to play that $75 deep stack though. I got knocked out of my first SNG when a dude open pushes his Aces before me and I call with glee with my Kings. Until I see him flip his cards. Ouch. I think Veneno was able to score one though!


Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...


don't worry my instructional video will be out soon.

7:26 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Of course I scored...I am the Poison..lol

12:37 AM


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