Saturday, February 03, 2007

Foxwoods Schedule

I may go up and try out an MTT at Foxwoods this week. It appears as if work for my current side-job might be drying up this week.. I nailed the interview for the job halfway to Foxwoods but then some tool that worked for them before decided to come back. Bastaaaad! So while I have been making good scratch I really will need to look for a job this coming week.. unless that side gig from an old employer comes through.. hmm.. I could be semi-unemployed for a long time..

I was reading NYHotties this week. Alexa is a hot escort from New York City.. while I have not met her or anything she does have ties in the blogger community. I also like how she writes. It is pretty facinating. Anyway she mentioned that I could turn myself into a diamond from this place. You know what kind of mad diamond my fat ass would make? Shit man that would have to be like ten carrots at least!!!! Booyah!


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