Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Night with Veneno

So just for the comment peeps I have only been playing games when people have forced money on me and made me play. I think that when my blood pressure gets under 2000 people need to ramp it back up so they stake me for stuff. Tonight was nothing new. Veneno stakes me for a token at 50% of whatever I win in the game I play.. Wes, Fluxer, Veneno and I all decide to play the 26K on FT.

So V sends me 8.70 for a Multi-table turbo and first hand in I have a guy bluff off 80% of his stack with a gutshot straight draw. Of course he hits it on the river and that is all she wrote for me. I should have gone with my initial plan of being a donkey and pushed the turn. I refuse to have any money left to bet on the river in Donkeyments.

So I play a second one. First hand in dude puts ALL his chips in on a gutshot straight draw.. and hits on the river. Lucky for me the flop was KK, and the turn was a ten giving me a boat and a nice start. However what are the odds of getting knocked out on your first hand of two back to back two table SNGs on two over-bluffed at gutshot straight draws.

So I get to the final table and end up losing a few chips when I raise AJ in ep only to have one guy push all in and another re-raise all in. The two donkeys turn over AK and AJ and the AJ guy (yes same hand as me) spikes a .. yes, straight, on the river.. I am now down to 1800 with 500 blinds. I get A8 in the sb. UTG thinks. I say to the girlie chatters: It is going to fold to me, I am going to push the BB, he is going to call with AQ and that will be it for me.. so it folds to me, I push SB vs BB, he calls, turns over AQ (with seven people left) and.. ok, I spike the eight and fuck him up easily cruising to a token win. What, it's Full Tilt, of course the A8 is going to win you retards.

We all decide to split 10%, and Wes and I (like the smart people we are) end up donking out early. Let the other two make the money for us!! I actually donked off a bunch of chips and was left with like 700.. so 3 off the button raises 120, 2 off the button cold calls, I have 700 left.. so I push.. BB insta-calls and I expect to see AA or KK. He turns over 88 and IMSOL (I am Shit Out of Luck). At least it was not a bad beat.. I can not condone this play from him because he has 3 other players that potentially will call his 88 push and they all have him covered at 2K.. so if anyone actually had a hand then he easily would have been out. Not that my move was any better.. but I either fold or push and I felt like gambooling. If everyone folds I am back over 1K and have a little room to work with. Wrong decision this time but what can you do.




Blogger lightning36 said...

"What, it's Full Tilt, of course the A8 is going to win you retards."

Truer words were never spoken (or written)!

9:48 AM


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