Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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First off let me say that if you use Bloglines beware because I have lost ALOT of blogs lately. It kicked Jordon off my bloglines which is why I was like "WTF?" when people mentioned his post I never read. Of course perhaps Bloglines is smarter than me and I should not re-add him.. heh.

Just kidding. I really like Jordan alot and I hoped he would pick up on my sarcasm of the last post. I am hoping to make AC with him but I really need a job.

I botched an interview good today which is always fun. I am not sure if it would have worked out or not anyways. There are alot of types of developers and I tend to be more of the type who knows how to get things done instead of just talking about them. The guy I interviewed with was a classic whats the square root of pie kind of guy. Very intelligent. Very good architect type and if you have two years and ten billion dollars to spend he will make you a nice system. If you need to merge reality with pie in the sky development then you do not want this type of developer. I respect these kinds of guys but I do not want to become one. When I was eighteen I was an asshole like these guys who could quote decimal point precision on all datatypes in any language.. I have since gotten old and do not give a fuck what a decimal is. I think I am a much better person because of it.

I was giving alot of thought to what kind of poker player I am and what ways I can improve my game. I am a very intuitive player. I pick up on the subtle signs and get better and better every time I play someone. Hence the ability to pickup on things like Raveen being full of shit with his push. Well that one is easy since he is often times full of shit but that is another story. I tend to pickup on the subtle un-seen actions and plays of people on a more sub-conscience level. I am often times right in my reads as I normally find myself losing 80/20 and 70/30 "flips" of the coin.

Having watched some pretty damn good players like Mr. Dreamy and MiamiDon I think I can take this to another level by watching alot closer. Normally I sorta tune out and let my brain take over and it works great. However I have noticed if I can really focus in I can pickup more conscience reads and tells and get super dialed in. I am going to work hard on really merging the two types of reads together and improving my game. Of course I am not exactly sure how I can get my money in any better than I have been.. oh well..



Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

You don't need any advice from me, but here is some anyway, do with it what you want.

Poker might be poker, regardless of the forum, but there are 2 huge differences from MTTs and cash, time and blinds.

1. Time, or lack of time/blind pressure. Would you ever fold aces in a MTT, no, you can't, but in reality, you could in the cash game. Its all about time and opportunity in the cash game, there are no increasing blinds, hence, no reason to take risks. Of coarse, that takes 3/4 of the fun out of it. So when I play my best at the cash games, its all post flop play with well disguised hands, no need to race.

2. Blind fights. For a buck or 2, or exacatly 1/100th of your stack, no need to constantly defend your blinds. Like the dick heads take them, and make them pay once and a while with a 3-bet bluff and show, that will slow them down, but no need to push over the top with J-Q sooted,since the time you do that they will have kings. I've lost more money fighting blinds in the cash game with a weak ace, to find the dickhead button steeler just found aces.

Focus on the post flop play, you will find the suck outs are less frequent.

2:28 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Basically agree with you Boney and post flop is how I like to play.. but if you have a monster hand like Aces and your push monkey opponent wants to go all in.. or your flush chasing monkey bitch decides to push against your set you have to call. I do not think folding 70/30 or 80/20 hands in the long run is profitable.

2:30 PM

Blogger Irongirl01 said...

What is the square root of Pie?? is it an apple pie squared or a boston cream squared?

Giggle giggle... You must have been hungry when you wrote that?


5:54 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

So does this mean you're not giving up on online poker for the next 9 months at least?

And who needs a job when you can come down to AC and win a few grand in a live nlh tournament with friends? Come on man, haven't see ya in ages.

8:10 AM

Blogger littleacornman said...

Imo mixing up playing disguised hands post flop and getting the money as big fav preflop are both the keys to success.

Variance is still bitch but you'll ride it out.Hang in there!

4:31 PM


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