Friday, March 02, 2007

Bloggers Doing Good

I am going to tell you about my first day of work but before that I feel the need to mention a great achievement from one of our own the lovely and talented Love Elf. Our very own Tina, seeing the writing on the wall with that deadbeat Smokkee, has been accepted to [begin gibberish I don't get] the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program at Argosy University/Orange County [/end gibberish]. She is going to need to make some Doctorate money if Smokkee is going to play poker for a living.. I have seen him play.. So if you have not gone by and given her a pat on the back then do so now.

I am just kidding about Smokkee too. I remember the first time I met the two of them. It was on my first trip to Vegas.. Everyone thought that Smokkee was going to be a big black man but that impression did not last.. Instead on first glance it was a macho Italian guido guy with his look pretty and nod blond girlfriend..

I am glad I got to spend some more time with the two of them after that initial five minute impression because it could not be further from the truth. Tina is a smart, smart, smart lady who is also a really great person. I can see why she chose the field she did and I think she will do great in it.

My initial impression of Smokkee was a push monkey donkey poker player.. oh wait, that has not changed.. oh well, at least I got to spend more time getting to know Tina. Actually Ray is a cool guy and he might even know something about Poker and playing big time tourneys. Anyway good luck you two and congrats on get accepted Tina!!!



Blogger lightning36 said...

We miss you, bro. C'mon back!

12:23 PM

Blogger Love_elf said...

Awwww....aren't you the sweetest guy around....!!! Okay, I'm not pouting anymore.

It was great to talk to you too in Vegas, and also to get a look inside the mind of the infamous Waffles. Don't worry - I won't tell everyone what a sweetie you really are!

9:11 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

i'm very proud of Tina. she worked her ass off to get this far.

i can't wait for her to go back to school so she won't have any free time to hound a pimp.

10:10 PM


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