Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shout Outs

I have not done a lot of pimping my fellow bloggers lately so I figure a nice Uber post pimping the people destroying your workplace productivity every day is in order.

First up is MiamiDon's post of the blog.. probably his best post ever. You look at Don the first time you meet and you can mistake him for some big dumb jock guy but this player has a great head on his shoulders. I am more and more impressed every time I talk to him.

Our favorite little sellout has separated himself from the Evil Overlord Linda at Pokerworks and is back to his little slice of heaven at Guinness and Poker. I actually met Linda at the last blogger convention and she is really a nice lady.. if I could only stop her from blinding me with that monster picture machine..

Speaking of old school bloggers where have some of them gone.. I miss guys like Chris Halverson the scotch drinking leather chair sitting bastard. I also miss Felicia. I was a perennial favorite for "Worst Blog Ever" on her site.. still brings a tear to my eyes. Now she is sitting in her wheelchair on the love boat sailing all over the world with old people as Glenn gazes longingly at her from his walker. Living the life baby! You go girl!!!

Raveen is hanging in there fondling cadaver balls and shit like that. If he starts blowing the dead guys stiffy then I am going to get concerned..

I start my new job on Thursday. Until then I am sitting in my Boxers making about 2K a day finishing up a fixed bid project. If you have never done a fixed bid project they can be very good and very bad. When you overbid your price and get the contract you can spend a few days lounging in your undies combined with a BUNCH of goofing off so it looks like it took a long time. In the end you send your mammoth bill and chuckle all the way to the bank. If you underbid you end up making about as much as a Taco Bell employee and cure the day you signed that damn contract. I am thinking of taking on more smaller fixed bid projects on the side. If you can componatize the majority of the requests and cookie cutter solutions your asked for over and over again you can make some good money.

The Mookie is tonight. I love MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK. He is one of my favorite bloggers. So get out and see him. Also go an see CC over at Poker Stars on Thursday for his bash. Thursday, 9:30pm ET. Password: Pokerworks. I usually do not shill CC or Hoyazo for some reason but I feel bad that he tilted off and lost a good chunk of his roll. Only thing I can say to the guy is that almost every great player has gone through the experience at least once.. of course I have perfected it to an art form but that is another story..

Dr. Pauly and crew continue to pump out tons of great content. Speaking of great content I hardly ever shill if you have not read an issue of Truckin' your missing some good freestyle writing.

Last but not least Irongrrrrllll has tearing it up lately and is going to play in the Foxwoods "No Bar in the Middle" Tourney.. you know, ladies only.. I never understood why guys got a bar on their bikes and women did not.. Seems a little reversed.. anyway, I am going to try and get out for March 25th if she is playing and cheer her on. I will be the big hairy guy in the skirt and pom pom's. Who knows maybe
I can kill the cash game while I am there too.




Blogger Irongirl01 said...

My bike has a bar in the middle, index shifting, clipless pedals and aerobars.....Thats the way my wheels roll.....Wait a minute thats they way I used to roll. I just hang crap off the aerobars now or us them for kinky play :)

Thanks for the plug. Will be emailing your shortly. I need male testosterone to get me thru a room full of estrogen and calling stations.

IG (All girl, no girly poker)

10:12 AM

Blogger mookie99 said...


How close are you to making your return ? We miss you at The Mookie...just not the same.

11:36 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

What kind of boxers are you wearing today?

2:37 PM

Blogger Raveen said...

glad to see things haven't changed too much since I've been out of the aways enjoyable waffles

6:01 PM

Blogger Craig Cunningham said...

Thanks for the pimpage, Waffles. Hope to see you there.

7:56 AM

Blogger Love_elf said...

No Elfie mention???
I'm pouting......

7:42 PM


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