Sunday, March 04, 2007


Not too much to say about the new job yet. The first day was basically meeting people and learning what stock research is all about. I found out that researching a portfolio of stocks is just like gambling. The financial people even use the same terms like EV, Variance, and risk vs reward. They have all kinds of formula's to figure out if a particular stock is a good fit for a person or portfolio. I am sure a lot of the same math was used to figure out if it is good to push AA pre-flop.

I will have to ask someone like Fuel but it seems like the majority of people in finance sweat a lot. I swear I felt like yanking my hand back in revulsion multiple times. Ewwwwwww. I think smart people have a lot of quirks too. The guy I am working for repeats a lot of words twice. Like if you tell him something he will say "ok ok". Crazy but it seems like a fun job.

Getting to work is a mixed bag so far. I have been getting up at 6AM to get showered and then getting the kids up by seven so the boy can catch his bus and I can leave to catch the train. The easiest way for me to get where I am going is to drive for 45 minutes and then catch a train. You see Cambridge is a mystical place that magically is hard to reach no matter where you start from. It is messed up in other ways too. I may end up taking a longer commuting option but save on parking a little and be able to read during the trip instead of shouting at the other drivers on the road.

Fridays trip was a little harrowing since it was pouring rain out along with strong winds and my wiper blade decided to wig out again. Every once in a while the blade bolt gets loose and stops working.. So I had to stick my hand out the window so the blade would not go past the edge of the car.. Of course it then decided to work on its own time table so every few swipes it would jam the working blade. Finally I pushed it over to the side so it would not work and drove from the right hand side of the car. It was a ton of fun let me tell you. Somehow life always seems a little more difficult for me.

I spent all day yesterday chipping ice from my driveway. For you southerners who can not imagine what I am talking about pretend you are in heaven and you have a GIANT drink of whatever gut rot you guys drink on the rocks. Now southerners do not deserve to go to heaven so this is really hell and your drink spills out all over your driveway. Ok.. some of you deserve to go to Heaven maybe so none of the booze spills just the ice cubes.. all over your driveway and they stick to the ground to the only way to get them off is to bang them over and over and over with something heavy. Now you get a little picture of how it is in the North, jeeze, and we call you stupid. I now have sore hands, sore back and wobbly legs. I am not meant for manual labor.

I did have a nice Dial-A-Shot call from Al, Don and Carmen. It was sweeeeet! I think it made my week.

Peace. Next time a counterpoint to MiamiDon's excellent write up about his reason for going to Vegas.



Blogger Raveen said...

maybe they sweat so much cause there brain is working uber fast....but its something that us mere mortals will never understand i suppose

8:49 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Dial-a-shots are funnnnn!

9:01 AM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

Playing the markets is similar to poker in that it hihgly emotional and making the correct decision can sometimes go against you - this generates a lot of emotional outburst and a ton of swearing. get used to it!

9:38 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Why you picking on those of us who live in the south when half your friends live in Vegas? They don't do a lot of snow shoveling there either...

5:41 PM

Blogger StB said...

You could have just let the ice melt. Worked for me.

12:29 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Stb.. Melting is my method of choice too unless the harpy wife is yelling at me until the ice melts, in which case it is easier to chip away at it.

Duggles.. I am from MA, we all pick on Southerners.. Actually we consider the south to be anything under New York.

8:02 PM


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