Saturday, March 10, 2007

Working.. Working.. Working..

First of thanks to everyone who posted a comment on my Birthday. I appreciate each and every one of you. Enough of the mushy stuff.

It seems this is all I do now. Really the thing I hate about the job the most is the commute. Not that it is all that bad just because it is LONG. I wake up at 6AM, leave the house by 7:15 and get home between 6:30-7:00 every night. I then have 3 hours for dinner and cool down until bedtime. It is probably the only part about the new job that I hate. I do have alternate choices that would buy me 45 minutes more possibly but I have ruled these out. What do you think.

Option 1:
Leave house at 7:15 get home around 7:00 at night.
Ride commuter train in town while enjoying a good book
Ride T out to Harvard while enjoying a good book
$40 a month for parking (2$ a day)
$150 a month for T pass
$50 a month for gas
Smooshed by unwashed masses in trains sometimes

Option 2:
Leave house at 8:00
Drive in light to moderate traffic until 8:45
Park and take very short T ride to work
$100 a month for parking (5$ a day)
$59 a month for T pass
$100 a month for gas
Drive home in light to moderate traffic

I like reading a book a little more than sitting in traffic or driving my shit box car every day. It is a lot more peaceful for me. Since I have to get up early my sleep schedule has been much better too. In general feeling pretty good.

The job is going to be very good.. as soon as it starts in earnest. Right now I am checking out some different products. The real fun part will be designing the object model and putting the system together the right way. I am really stepping out of my box to design this system and it should be fun. It has nothing to do with the actual work because that is stuff I has done over and over through the years. I just am taking a better approach to the design up front.

As for playing poker.. I will be starting up again on the 15th. Unless anyone wants to back me for some action. I am going to take my initial stake and follow Smokkee's lead. Wow. I never thought I would say that. I am going to hit the SNG tables. Starting out probably at the lowest level. Like Smokkee I think the turbo SNGs are the way to go.. either those or the short table SNGs but I am going to try the full ring. I will start out with 3-4 tables at a time and see how that works out. If anyone does want to invest some money in me then the deal will be as follows. I am assuming the backing will be small stakes like 50-100. I will play 200 SNGs on that stake. I will either bust out or make a profit. After I pay back the initial stake I will split all profits 50/50. Not a bad deal. At the very least there should be some funny suckout posts. I do actually consider myself a good SNG player. According to Shark Scope I have a 20% ROI over my lifetime at Full Tilt which is more than enough to be profitable over 200 games. Anyway.. the longest you will have to wait for some poker content is the 15th.

I actually do have a question about poker styles that is interesting. Let's say you have two players. Both players raise AK pre-flop. When the flop comes with an Ace in it player A always pushes and player B always bets 3/4 the pot and again on the turn.
Is Player A or B going to win more over the long term? Actually this is an extreme over simplification of what I am really asking which is do the hyper aggressive players make more money because of bad play and people chasing draws than the smarter players who want to play every street and not push monkey around. Sometimes I wonder.
As always there are many ways to win at poker.

Until next time.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Hi waffles! I am glad you are liking the job. When I lived in Maryland I was thinking about getting a job in D.C. or Virginia and I would have had to deal with the traffic, or trains and parking. I decided to just get a job in Maryland cause it was too much of a hassle.

Anyway, it's saturday and I gotta get ready for work. Glad to see you'll be back at the tables on the 15th. I get paid on that day too.

8:24 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

I would prefer option 1/train. At least you can be a little productive on a train. Driving makes you a slave to the road. I used to read books, make grocery lists, plan dinner or tomorrow's schedule, sleep, catch up on phone calls, write up notes for work, etc on the train. At least you're free to do SOME things other than drive. It does make for a LONG day though.

8:42 AM


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