Monday, March 05, 2007


Quickie post.. I do not have time to write what I want about Don's last post so I have a bunch of filler. I had a really busy day today working at the Financial Company, then coming home and straight out to Cramer for some additional work.

Actually a funny thing happened to me on the way to work today. I have often told you of my bad luck and how I never tend to catch a break. Well this week I decided to try alternate methods of getting to work. Last week I did the 45-min drive to Alewife and then a 15 min train ride to work. So today I decide to try the Commuter rail. I miss the 8:11 train and catch the 8:39.. I finally get to work at like 9:30. Wellll... It turns out that once a month.. on the first Monday of the month.. the whole company gets together. They introduce any new hires and well guess who was not there. Sometimes I can not BELIEVE how fucking lucky I am. Not!

Despite this foobar work has been really good for me lately. I have been going to sleep around 10 every night and waking up a 6AM and feel pretty good. The questions I am asking myself are more along the lines of "How do I develop a system to do x" instead of "What color should that alternating website line be".. ok, my old job was not that bad but this is much more of an Architecture and ground up development job on large scale complicated systems which is fun.

Don, you better hurry up and Trademark your "Big Game". I read this on one of the sports gambling blogs:

Greedheads at the NFL want to trademark the expression "The Big Game" so as to further their ability to extort tribute from businesses whose sales get a boost from Super Bowl viewers.

Quick man! quick! Before it is too late.

What else.. oh yeah, I have picked up yet another award! Yay Blog! is a bit of a lovefest for other bloggers and doesn't seem to post much of interest to those outside the circle. A bit like attending a party where it seems as if everyone knows everyone else. However, he has attempted to video some play online. I've often thought about managing something like this, but the effort involved always makes me reconsider. However, playing that single uploaded hand gives you an insight into how sirfwalgman, and a large number of people, play. - Peter Birks

I responded to him..

You must be a fine writer because I can not decide if you are insulting me or not. Keep up the good work!

I am pretty sure he did not mean anything by it.. Probably just needed the linkage since my "Circle of Friends" gives me a page rank of 6, and his is only 5.. nah nah nah nah!! Actually Peter seems like a smart guy and maybe sometime he could explain how "I and a large number of people play" and what I should change in my game. Although I got the idea he plays LHE and NLHE MTT tourneys and I mostly play NLHE cash games, MTTs and "other" games.. which conceptually is very different.



Blogger John said...

my old manager is at cramer, as are a bunch of other people from this agency. congratulations.

9:28 PM

Blogger Shelly said...

yay, circle jerk! :)

9:32 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Um - yeah, good one. I don't know if he's being mean or not myself.

4:58 PM


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