Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend with the Bloggers

I approach each blogger meeting with high goals and expectations.. Sometimes I go and socialize a lot and other times I just hang out. All depends on how I feel and what opportunities present themselves. So I will be writing up the trip soon. It was a ton of fun but nothing too amazing happened.

I am sitting here working after my flight landed at 7AM. Fun Fun. I will try and stay awake until the end of the day. I might make it. MeanHappyGuy has a nice writeup of his trip including some nice pictures of me watching IG.. *cough* adjust herself from between a mountain range of hotties. All the new people I met were really cool including Grubette (Sexy!), Mrs. Spaceman, LJ, IG, MeanHappyGuy, Bayne.. as well as many more..


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