Thursday, May 31, 2007


First off someone asked how many more Blogger Battle games there are.. From what I can tell there are 5 more MATH events and 11 more Riverchaser/Mookie events. There is also one more Big Game.

So the total investment for the rest of the season for all buyins is 305. The entire prize pool left as an estimate is 5700 dollars... in addition the "pool" is currently at 2400 so that might finish out at 4K?.. not sure what the payout structure is going to be.. and no idea what the Freeroll is going to contain..

Other options would be to skip the MATH games or pony up 8.80 for an SNG for each of those and only play the ones that can be entered with a token. Same with the big game.

Anyway.. back to my fold of 99.. I often struggle with people saying "Call this" or "Fold that".. because it all depends. If I could see the cards face up and knew he had Aces then the fold is easy. No need to go in as a 80% dog. How do your instincts for the game play out though? I have seen Hoyazo say "x hand is good so I jammed".. with some weak TPTK holdings and the like.. BUT if his instincts are screaming to him that the guy has a particular hand then he HAS to go by that.

I have been trying to get in touch with my Jedi side a lot more. I see hands play out and I have an almost psychic sense of what the guy has. You should not confuse these moments of total clarity with just awfuckit moments or push and pray mentality. I think if you have a "spidey" sense as Mookie called it you have to stay in touch with it and trust it. It may not be perfect poker play or by the book percentage play but I will leave that to the math guys. I believe fully in the minds ability to sub-conscientiously analyze all of the disparate tendrils of information and come to incredibly conclusions. If your not taking advantage of that then your missing out.

One other thing. Often times you need to give yourself the time to reach the right conclusion. If there is one thing I have been guilty of in the past is the INSTAJAM. I now try and think through the entire hand before making my decision. The quicker you act the more chance you have for making a mistake. Slow down a little on that clicker and your results will improve.


Blogger PokahDave said...

The "Spidey" sense played a part in my not fighting for my blinds when you had all those incredible hands. Even though we were jabbing each other with raises on the blinds...I just knew you had a better hand on those folds. You made the right laydown with your A-9...even though I had As-7s....that was a close one. I would have probably called and who knows what would have happened.....

10:26 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

That is one downside to internet poker, 15 to 20 seconds, sometimes, is just not enough time to way the facts, other to quickly figureing a range of your opponent, figure your outs, shit, the color code starts to fade.

I think you missed out on your chance to styme "Semyazza" once and for all, would of been interesting to see if your 9s sucked out, and ended your curse of bad luck. But the more I think about that, the fact that numb had aces is just more proof, you've pissed off the donkey overlaords, and you are forever doomed..DOOMED.

10:27 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

$305 seems a pretty small price to pay for another month's worth of BBT-fueled ranting. Not that I'm going to come up with that money, but with all the blonkey play I see on a regular basis, somebody in our group should be of the mindset to give you a shot at winning them some glory.

And about your post, I guarantee you that basically all of the most successful poker players out there rely far more on their instincts in any given hand than on any objective, absolute, non-situational values of their hands in a vacuum. It sounds like you are figuring this out over time and I enjoy reading all about your struggles to rely and act on your reads even when your hand in absolute terms is not necessarily very strong.

11:33 AM

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