Thursday, October 18, 2007

Buddy Donkey

First off BuddyDooosh pictured above had better never ever fucking choose me again as his pick of doom.

Last night was pretty mixed. I played really well in the Mookie with the exception of one move with the Asian Jew but how could I resist. She is just so cute. I then donked off my stack in a marginal move I did not have to make against I assume the evil Wankah. I do not think the good Wankah commits his stack on an A33 board with AT.. Of course my call with A9 was horrendous and it did not matter anyways since a ten spiked the river anyways.

I also donked off two buys in cash and lost a HU SNG AQ vs AJ all in pre-flop. Not a pretty night. At least I got to own Chad.


Blogger Buddy Dank said...

Nice pic.
Don't worrry about the curse, it's not real.

....or is it?

9:54 AM

Blogger ckbluffer said...

AJ may be cute, but she is also very dangerous.

10:45 AM


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