Friday, October 26, 2007


Another enjoyable night of playing with drunken retards. All good fun. Good fun. I have learned from my many deep finishes in this game that it is imperative to NOT play hard early on. The donk quotient is way too high and you will get buried by a blackjack hand.

I went deeeeep in this one. No really big hands stand out. IT was all just standard poker. I got short a few times. Had to jam with 2-s00ted cards and got called by AQ or some crap.. I doubled up. Deeper in I just did not have my hands hold up. I lost AK vs 56 s000ted.. did a steal-attempt that I had to fold with A5o.. and then was forced to go all in and lost a race Q4 vs A9. All in all I think I played well and just did not get the cards when it counted.

I continued my horror watching escapades with Wes Craven Presents: They. It was a fun movie to watch. In addition I flipped back to The Fury which is an old style classic but not that good.

Next up will probably be the Hoy on Monday I think... Not sure right now. The Sox continue to win. W000T! Yes I am a homer! Hopefully I am more annoying than any Red Sox fan out there because that is my goal in life: to annoy people. Patriots continue to roll on baby. Sports is good.


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