Thursday, October 25, 2007


Too bad I did not get in on that last longer.. No fundage for it right now. I noticed I outlasted a bunch of the donks but who won? Ah well..

Last night the Mookie was just frustrating. I really never got any cards and whenever I raised (even from EP) I got re-jammed and had to fold. I think I made some good folds.. finally Columbo re-jams me when I raised 900 in ep with a crappy hand.. I had 2K behind and the blinds were 300.. So I decided to gamble.. Unfortunately he was re-raising with a lovely crappy AQo that totally dominated my QJ s000ted.. The queen on the flop was just to rub it in. Ah well... Some night you just can not get anything going. So I went out in 56th or something pathetic like that.

See you tonight at Riverchasers.


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