Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Bubble Boy! Woo Hoo! Actually I totally enjoyed last nights game. No major suckouts for or against.. I actually probably showed down 5 hands all night. It is how I wish poker was every night. Sure I did not win. It was fun though.

I made a massive move on Kaellin which was fun. I flopped an OESD against his big pair. I think he had a big pair. I have T7o. The flop comes K89. I bet out. He raises me. I jam all in. He asks if I hit a two outer on him and I say "I think I might have". He uses up all his time then folds to me. When I told him what I had he was like "BS!".. pretty fun.. Actually it shows that Matt is a good player and can get away from hands.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I got Aces like 9x and made very little on them. I tried every method. Massive re-raise. Minor re-raise. Call. Everything. Just my starting table was a bunch of weak-tight nits or something. Crazy. Haha! Like I said I showed down about 5 hands all night and I was raising like crazy.

I ended the night with a questionable play. Might be night to hear from the MTT Donkeys what they think. We are down to eleven spots and nine pay. The blinds are 1000/500+Ante. Joe Speaker who had been raising a lot prior to this puts in a standard raise. I look down and see tens. I have 15k in chips with two spots to pay day. However I am like 10 of 11 in chips. I have very few blinds left and the table is short. So I go ahead and jam in.

Is it smarter to fold here and just steal in position or is the jam warranted? Joe ends up turning over Kings and a K on the flop negates the T on the turn and that is all she wrote for me. So what would you winning tourney donks have done?

See you all tomorrow night in the Moookie!


Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Near the bubble, big pocket pair, everyone has been stealing for 10 orbits to survive. Insta Jam, just the 1 hand out of 50 where you are dead. can't see a fold, and if you call, your dead on the turn anyway when you think you are way ahead.

agree with your point, some nights its just fun to play regardless of the outcome.

9:11 AM

Blogger Joe Speaker said...

I'd have done exactly what you did, especially against me. I had been very active (though my cards were "mostly" good), which is what a player with chips on the bubble will do.

Just bad luck that I had the cowboys.

And I didn't slow-roll! :-)

9:22 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. I was just fucking with you Joe. I know your not that kind of person.

9:51 AM

Blogger Shrike said...

I'd be shoving all my chips in there, no question.

10:23 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Definitely I'm jamming there as well, Waffles. I think you definitely made the right play, especially against an active stealy type who had been raising a lot with obviously less than premium cards like you say Joe was. Easy push if you ask me, especially from a very short stack on the final table bubble.

Well played in both BBTwo tournaments so far man.

12:28 PM

Blogger Riggstad said...

Auto Jam... you just should have folded the 99 against my AK when I shoved the last 4k (?) i had left...

you didn't really need the 4k and the entertainment value alone of me still being at the table would have been worth it!

You played well last night! Gl tomorrow

11:59 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

"Drizz is tight"

Yes. Yes I am.

6:42 AM


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