Wednesday, October 24, 2007


See you all at the Mookie tonight. I have been playing some damn fine poker lately and I am going to fuck someone up. I predict a first place victory tonight.

I love October. All of the channels start playing the horror movies. I watched the following ones in the past few days -- some better than others..

Dancing on Graves
This movie started off kind of scary and then went campy on me. It is about these dim wits that go to a funeral, get plastered, and go off to a gravesite and start dancing on the graves. Well it turns out this invokes a supernatural curse and the ghosts come out to haunt them. Also just for shits and giggles they had gone to the "Bad Part" of the grave where they bury the undesirables like Murderers, Arsons, and Sickos.

The Classic Clive film. Really fun to watch. The one that started the whole Hellraiser series.

Very campy collection of stories from Stephen King. Fun to watch if you like movies like Tales from the Crypt.

Sin City
Not necessarily horror but fun none the less. This is a weird comic book adaptation. Most of it is black and white with certain aspects colored. It makes for an interesting film look. It also contains a ton of hot looking chicks. Sweet movie. I recommend it.

Poltergeist II
This is much worse than the first one but better than the third one. Still kind of fun to watch but not very scary.

In addition to that I get to surf around to various sites and read people write their crazy stories. It is a lot of fun to read some of these although a whole bunch of these people seem like wackjobs. Take this for instance..

To tell you the truth, I had plenty of experiences! With the grandpa and his ghostly friend holding me back on my bed, and the other things that I might tell you in my other stories.

Um... sweatie.. I do not think that was a ghost.. errr.. perhaps "Grandpa" should um, well.. ok.. Anyways.. The replies in the comments are the best. Now I am not going to make blanket judgments to what exists and does not. How the hell do I know right? I can only relate what I have seen or felt at any given time. I do find these a lot of fun to read though and sometimes they can be scary if your all alone at night.

Finally.. my children have finally out tricked ole dad. I am the horror of the house. I like to sneak behind walls and pop-out and scare everyone. Even once when my son was like five I put a scary head on his floor that makes noise when it moves. So when he jumped out of bed in the morning it went "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA".. and freaked him out.

So the family decided to get revenge on me.. last night they put a scary head on the back of the door.. So I drag my tired ass in the house after dark and first thing I head is "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".. and I fucking jumped a mile. The whole family was laughing there asses off. I have vowed revenge. I will keep you posted on how traumatized I make the children.

My wife got extra laughs from me last night as I was walking into the kids room and saw what looked like a blow up world globe.. you know the plastic balloon ball types.. so I kick it.. and well, lets just say it was not exactly soft. OW!


Blogger Chad C said...

$50 last longer bet tonight, get in!

12:15 PM

Blogger Klopzi said...

Stephen King's Creepshow was awesome! My brother and I must have watched that movie fifty times while growing up.

7:08 AM

Blogger lj said...

i hope nightmare on elm street is on one of these days, i loved that one!

3:50 PM


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