Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stupid List Thing

Before I start this I must protest my treatment in Vegas up until now. I have been to the Blogger gatherings several times.. until the last time I had never even seen a hooker. I did get that experience in the IP bar late at night last time. The pimp daddies in their purple suits were cool too. Sort of like a retarded museum. I enjoyed that. I have yet to see a single stripper though. I hear they exist in Vegas but I have never seen one. The closest I have been to a lap dance is when Al got drunk and fell into my lap. It was pretty good but not the same. Ah well.

Top women you would get a pass to fuck or some such shit. Like that would every happen. Have you people not watched those movies. You know the one where the chick gets bought for a million bucks and sleeps with the guy and messes up her marriage.. or the people indulge in group partner sex and messes up the marriage. These are actual portrayals o what will happen after you bang one of these women with your wifes permission. Oh an I am skipping anyone I have seen someone else choose. Sloppy seconds are not Waffles approved.

5. Sarah Silverman
I have no idea why I think this freak is sexy but I like her a lot.

4. Jessica Alba
Dudes. This chick has a tattoo on the back of her head and can kick people's asses! I mean how hot is that? Really I saw it on TV. It must be true.

3. Pamela Anderson
Ok. I admit. The whole Hep-B thing is a total turn off but fuck man have you seen this chick? You see the movie? She is a freaky bitch and would likely do things to me I would never forget.

2. How about that chick in the Crying game. I never saw the movie.. let's look it up on Wiki... oh wait.. thats a dude.. *barf**bleeech*baaawgrrhhh**blahh*

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar
What can I say. I like chicks that can beat me up and stab steaks through vampires hearts. To add to the allure Scooby banged her hot ass so I probably got a shot, right? I thought so.

Ok. On to the second stupid list. Top Favorite Movies.

5. The Exorcist
I love me the scary movies and this is one of the best. Although I also love me a good B-rated movie like Frankenhooker.. I decided to choose a classic.

4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Gotta throw in a teen sex romp drug comedy.

3. Pamela Anderson's sex tape. See above. What is there not to love about this movie? She is amazing.

2. Blood Sport
Gotta throw in one of those martial arts type movies.. HIIIYYY YAA! I could watch movies like that a zillion times, included in this genre are movies like First Blood.

1. Army of Darkness
How can I not pick the movie I got all my pickup lines from? "Gimme some sugar baby!" .. this movie rocks.

I dunno. There are way too many good movies to pick just five. Depends on what mood you are in. So many movies left off this list that I enjoyed. I continue to hate these list things.



Blogger The Wife said...

Free pass is a free pass. But you're right - we're women. We'll probably agree you get a free pass with those five, and then be pissed off and jealous anyway.

But you'll still love us.

The Wife

11:29 PM


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