Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Buddy is Tilting Me

BuddyDank man you are so fucking killing me tonight. First off you play Seal??? Are you a fag? This could be part of why you can not get laid by women. If that is not enough, and the shit brown car does not do it, then it must be your cheap ass. I mean it is cool if you can not afford the restaurant but your never getting laid that way. So stop crying about it. How about you be a man and say "Hey bitch, were going to Jack-n-the-Box, my treat". Man up fag.

Then you pick on CK when she busts out???!?! You ass! You are so putting me on tilt tonight. I may laugh when the Steelers lose this weekend. heh. I still think your a good guy though. Stop tilting me though! Get Sean back too!!! You suck without him! Bastard!

Holy fuck what did you make me do! I have 990 chips left. I have KQ. I raise 160. I get two HUGE stacks to cold call me. A small 1k stack JAMS all in. So I call. One of the huge stacks call. How the fuck can I do that?!?! You tilted me!! I blame you!! So I am against AJ and 55.. not bad. I flop K22.. turn Q... river......... Q! BOOM!! THREE FUCKIN KAY! I am back in it baby!

I am cracking up now. I see Buddy get his second set in a fucking row the card rack!!! SO I call for an Ace and it hits on the river to smack Buddy down!! HAHAH! Sweet!

Kinda fun watching NewInNov beat the fuck out of Buddy. Making me laugh. I may get off tilt.

How does that retard Buddy catch sets every hand he plays? What the hell? Donk. Tilt setting in again.


Blogger Buddy Dank said...

uhmmmm, wow.

Not sure where to go with this....

7:29 AM


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