Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Actually one funny hand..

I played one pretty funny hand on FT. I have 46o. It is raised. Re-Raised. One short stack jams. I call. The original raiser re-re-raises and the second raiser jams all in. So I take Hoys advice that if you are getting 3:1 or better you should always put your chips in. So I get all in with 64o pre-flop. All cards are turned over in this four way all in: KK/QQ/AJ and me 64o. So basically I am dooomed. Except I do not think I am in bad shape. I see a six on the flop. Now I know for certain I am going to win and stack two of the three players. The turn is a six. BOOOOM! The river is a four! BOAT BABY! I take down a HUGE stack. I never realized how smart Hoyazo is.


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