Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am Alive

Apparently people been missing my daily posting. I am alive though. I actually went to the doctors this morning to get checked out and make sure I did not have anything seriously wrong. I was waiting for my Asian sexy goddess doctor having the usual dreams of stirrups, blow jobs, and lubricated fingers, you know the normal stuff. The appointment went well. She does not think I have Diabetes. She thinks its probably more of some sort of allergic reaction or skin thing. She prescribed some steroid creme (there goes my baseball career) and is going to wait and see. Interestingly enough she touched my wounds without a glove. Now tell me she was not coming on to me?

I went into work afterwards. I was standing at the crosswalk in Boston and little old ladies and cripples were crossing but I waited for the walk sign. It is just the kind of person I am. I try to follow certain rules of society while totally ignoring others. The ironic thing about life is that I could wait for the walk sign and still get hit by some fucktard running a red light. Just because you do things the right way does not mean you are guaranteed anything. Another life and poker analogy.

I am down a few hundred bucks at poker over the past few days. Just can not get much going. I took yesterday off partly because I was not feeling well and partly to get a little distance from the possibility of tilt. I did have fun in a few MTTs playing WWLD. It actually showed me that more aggressive play can sometimes work out well. Of course when I jammed Jacks into Queens that was the downside.

I also had fun playing a little with F-Train. Man did we get fucked out of some Razz pots. I finally donated a stack to him with a seven vs a six. Normally at these tables that is not bad but against a skilled player like F-Train it probably was not smart.

Anyway tonight I will try and hit it again with the Skillz game. peace.


Blogger DrChako said...

There are only 3 rules in dermatology:

1. If it's wet, dry it.
2. If it's dry, wet it.
3. Above all else, never EVER touch it.

She may have been hitting on you (and let's face it, who could blame her?), but you can't help but wonder, who's festering boils did she fondle before she touched yours?


9:57 AM


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