Friday, February 15, 2008

I suck

I tilted hard yet again. The crazy monkey got me. SO I start looking at 200$ HU SNGs. If you remember my record to date is 1 for 1. Great stats! So anyways. I clicked on the wrong thing. A PLO HU. I promptly got spanked. Then I am on super tilt. So I play a 200HU NLHE like I wanted to. I win. I play the same guy again. I win AGAIN! Easiest wins ever. I mean there was not even any time I doubted the matches. Ok one time. On the second one. When I was down 500 to 2000. BUT I FUCKING CAME BACK MOTHERCUKERS! So anyways my tilt subsided when I won the second HU match and most of my losses for the night were recovered. I am a slick 3-0 in 200NLHE HU matches so far. Someone should sponsor me for some. Of course I may just play them better on tilt.


Blogger kurokitty said...

There's a $500 SNG coming up, you should play in that!

5:32 AM

Blogger Buffalo66 said...

Your bankroll management is just amazing.

Is anyone running a Waffles busto pool?

7:19 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

I'll consider backing you at a high stakes ring game, but only if you quit after the first suckout ...

12:15 PM


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