Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last night was HORRIBLE. I went 4-6 in HU matches getting rivered as a huge favorite multiple times. My favorite was when I had KQ on a Qxx flop and Q3 calls my all in and rivers his three. After that I felt the bad "get even" feeling kicking in. A sort of hectic rush to win it all back. This never ends well. I recognized it. Donked out of the Mookie. Our table was sick as there were TWO quad Aces in the short time I was there. Got in a hand with KT vs K9 for all of a short stacks chips in the cash game.. river is a nine. Dude bets 1/2 his stack on the turn with a naked Ace high flush against my big pair. Rivers the flush. Down one buyin. Finally I gave in to the inevitable at 10:30 after my two pair lost to a bigger two pair in my final HU game. I am not saying I did not make some stupid plays but some nights nothing you do is going to be right. So I did a little damage to the roll losing around ninety bucks but it could have been a lot worse. I should have quit earlier but at least I finally quit. Perhaps this is Karma for raping April in my dreams. Who knows. Every day is a fresh new day though as long as you stay in the game. See you at the Riverfuckers.


Blogger bayne_s said...


I thought the imaginary sex with April was consensual and it was the hand holding that was objectionable

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