Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something Different

I lost to a decent hand last night. It's a miracle!!! I played a very tight game in Razz last night. Blinding down a bit and chipping up when I needed to. I think I may have played too tight.. as Numbono was stealing all over the place. Of course he finally got caught and went out a little before me. I made one semi-questionable call down vs LJ early on with a weak 8 low but it did not cost me much. I had a 76 go down in flames to a 75 which was ok also. I went card dead in the middle and had nothing I really wanted to fight back with. Here I should have used my tight image to steal more but I decided to stay tight instead. Finally I get into a race situation basically. I had 345 vs Corron's A23, the door is an 8 for me and a queen for Corron. Fifth makes my eight low but gives Corron a better eight low draw. On sixth he takes the lead and I am committed for my stack. I have to catch a seven or lower to win. I do not make it and I am out. It was neck and neck the entire hand so I do not think either one of us misplayed the hand. In Razz when the blinds get to 800 and everyone has 10K< chips you have to pick a hand and go with it. Nicely played Corron.

I would also like to say what a pleasure it was playing with TwoBlackAces in Monday at the Hoy. He is a player who is lighting it up with solid play instead of pushmonkery as far as I can see. He was very patient and solid at my table from what I could see and I had a good time playing with him. It is nice to see someone who actually likes to play Poker in one of these events and I wish him well for the rest of the series. If it would not put my seal of doom on him I might even pick him as a top choice for a WSOP seat. Since my seal of doom is final though I will not be picking anyone at this time.

Less you think that some Alien abducted me and replaced me with some nice guy.. What the fuck is up with AlCantHang? I fucking search for his site in google and I get a MySpace page?????!?!? What are you a fucking queer? What the hell? I am so disappointed.


Blogger BamBam said...

Thanks for the anti-waffles jinx last night, by going out ahead of me.

I like the "new and improved nice guy" Waffles!


Oh and for the record. That fold I made was 8:1 alright and the little chase I was on made sense based on my opponents showings. But as is always the case when I get in a chase situation, I bricked the mortal nuts to a set, instead of hitting any card lower than an 8.

A call there was just tossing chips away I'm afraid.

As always, it was great to see you at the table.

9:23 AM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

you said queer. lol. btw, i'm sure you're in Al's extended network.

I agree with your TBA sentiment. i think we hear big things from him in the future.

9:57 AM

Blogger Adam said...

<--- Pushmonkeybm

1:50 PM


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