Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gotta Run

Doing nice thing for the kid and bailing from work at 2:30. So quick post. I am certainly trying to keep my cool more in these games. Poker SHOULD be fun. Period. However I am human and when someone hits one out in a hand they never should have gone past 4th or 5th or 1st street with... I do tend to get a little upset. I also will thank profoundly Loretta for gut-shotting ANI as he totally deserved it. I also think Loretta is someone who deserves a TOC seat as his writing is profound and his play is usually excellent.

I will not answer Bayne's asinine question which asks me to compare committing half your chips to a pot with a gutter draw as opposed to a small portion. I am used to Bayne not getting it. He is kinda slow.

Tonight that rat bastard Mookie is putting on his MTT again. Feel free to come and play. The password is vegas1. It is a toss up as to how well I do in these. I am much better with a deep stack type game. It allows me to play my game early and get a huge stack for later disappointment. However I will see how far I can get. I will say I am extremely excited though. It takes a one fucking out hand for you numbskulls to knock me out and I KNOW I can dodge that once in a while and when I do it is over and I am winning the TOC. You heard it here first.


Blogger lj said...

we all suck out and get sucked out on, so i feel for your loss to a suckout, but do you really not remember your hand w/ dwal that gave you a ginormous chip stack?

11:46 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...


Where is this asinine question of which you speak?

I think BWoPs comment nailed the true issue "I get the sense that this is residual anger from the time ANIguy PWNED you when you had 6:1 advantage HU and you lost naked pics prop bet . ."

11:53 AM

Blogger Wwonka said...

I am Winning the TOC, U can have 2nd.
together we shall terrorize the wsop.

Wait you need to get into the TOC first.

1:16 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I do not think I sucked out on Dwal last night.. Do you have the HH?

4:40 PM


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