Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cashed in the Lovely Riverchasing Event

I got the Psychology of Poker today. It said I may be delusional. I may burn it in the fire tonight.
- Me

Much thanks to Ingoal who sent me three books for my helping him get something or other we will not mention in case there are ramifications. Anyway he chose the Psychology of Poker I & II, and the wonderful Phil Gordon and his charming Blue Book.

I look forward to reading those in between my continuing adventures with the Dark Elf Drizzt. Not to be confused by the dark mooded Drizzle.

I had a most enjoyable night playing against everyone. Everyone played so well it was stunning. I thought Swimmom played a great game tonight and Katiemom may actually win the whole thing. She took me out in fifth or sixth place tonight when I rejammed her A9 as a short stack with J9. Excellent read and I do hope you win. CK even made an appearance in the chat and lightened up everyones day. She is such a sweet person.

I look forward to continuing my friendly wager with the incomparable Mr. Bayne. It is such a joy to challenge each other in a nice gentlemanly way. As he pointed out, and rightly so, I have yet to make as much as he has in any BBT. However I see this as a fabulous mountain such as the ones the daring Mr. Peaker climbs and I look forward to trying my mettle against it's summit. It will be a daunting task to get ahead of Bayne and his excellent play but I shall endeavor to do my best.

I also read that some famous poker player was caught being naughty with an escort. Now this is very intriguing. I am not sure who it is yet but I think it might be Mr. Doyle Brunson. Perhaps he paid her to change his poopie diapers. It would be nice to be super rich.

Last but not least.. as much fun as I have had teasing Sir. Astin I must set the record straight, no pun intended, and let everyone know that he is most definitely
not of the homosexual persuasion. Of course we would all accept and love him the same if he was but I believe him when he says he has had many women and likes lesbian movies. If that is not straight I do not know what is. Good show!!

Anyhow I will probably be playing a little on the weekend and see how things go. Good luck to you all in this game we love and remember: it is just a game. I wish large pots pushed your way and well played cards to you all. Goodnight.


Blogger Ingoal said...

*lol*...I hope you enjoy the books - I'm through with the YBPF one and halfway through the YWPE (I ordered them in the wrong order)...and I think it's a good read...

See ya at the felt soonish...

2:31 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...

ok this is not good.

no more anti-rant posts!

3:08 AM

Blogger katitude said...

Who wrote this?? This does not sound like Waffles!

4:16 AM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

and if you're going to torment the guy at least link him up

6:29 AM

Blogger Schaubs said...

nice waffles ='s gay waffles.

7:48 AM

Blogger DrChako said...

Well played. I was impressed.


8:08 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I'm reading the Hunter's Blades Trilogy right now.

Almost forgot how much I loved reading his stories.

8:55 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am reading the Legacy of the Drow Series.

9:18 AM

Blogger 4dbirds said...

LOL, you are so polite. Enjoyed our final table play.

1:30 PM

Blogger BWoP said...

Who is this guy?

I might actually like him.

2:06 PM

Blogger Neilc999 said...

hey sirF well done last night i sat and watched for all of 10 mins. I was just wondering if you had a bonus deposit code for empire i fancy a lil bonus whoring either this week or the next.... Also will it be easy to work off the bonus? im limited to 2 nights a week playin which is a pain. Cheers dude

5:35 PM

Blogger Neilc999 said...

sorry dude i forgot u crnt get on empire anymore (politics is BS!) would stars have anything good to offer? how are their players compared to full tilt?

8:25 PM


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