Monday, April 07, 2008

NCAA Final Pick

I would be remiss if I did not put up my final pick. I am going Kansas all the way baby. So be sure to watch tonight. Also in other news my backer has outed himself. Go give him hell. As much confidence as he has in me I will make sure to not let him down. My heart overflowed with joy when he spoke the words

Now, most of the time I only stake people because I think it is +EV, but I doubt this one to be the case. I only did it because if I didn’t stake him, when would I get the chance to hear him berate other dumbass bloggers?

Alas I am trying to be a kinder gentler Waffles. I repeatably had to chant my new mantra during the 180-peep on Stars the other day "Poker is fun! Poker is fun! Poker is fun!".. as my AQ went down in flames to some jackelopes A3o. One thing that has stuck with me from chatting with MiamiDon and others is you do not EVER want to jam a weak Ace.. wait for those two cards that are likely to be live. I did however make the nine spot for a little profit and have a small roll on PokerStars as well as a growing roll on FullTilt.

I know this is a fucking mistake but I have a serious question for those of you who have played with me before and have watched me over the years.

On the highest level what do you think should I be playing Cash, MTT, or SNG, a mix of multiples? Any specific kind?

I am kind of curious. I try cash every once in a while but for me it always seems like you spend a week making a buyin or so and then you get all in with a set of tens against KJo on a 2 heart board, he has TPTK no draws as all.. and the two hearts come to bail his ass out of the fire and get you even for the week.

So the tourney player equivalent to the cash game would probably be the single table SNG. You have to play a lot of these to profit but essentially it works as well as cash for generating sustainable income. I would think loss of focus after playing the 10,000 SNG of the week would be a big problem. Possible solve this by mixing it up between NLHE, PLO, PLO8, and other forms as they fill up.

Last would be the MTT only route. I really do not think I have even close to the bankroll to do this. A successful MTT player from what I see plays 20 MTTs a night and goes months without scoring anything and then finally they hit that 10K score and walla they are ballahs. I think I will mix in some MTT play of course but relying on that for your bankroll growth is tough.

See you all tonight at the Hoy. Password Hammer. Get your tokens before they are all gone!


Blogger pokerpeaker said...

God Dammit Waffles if you put the Waffles curse on us I will block every porn site, Cinemax channel, access to BWOP's site and Carmen's photos until you shrivel up like a flower without sunlight and die a black, cold death.


10:58 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...

As I told you in chat last night you will see best results in WoW

11:12 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Dam so Memphis is gonna win. Good for Calipari, he deserves it after the domination he has brought to Memphis the past few years.

11:26 AM

Blogger Gnome said...

I'd suggest MTTs. If you win one of those you can score big, compared to cash and sngs, which are so incremental.

5:33 PM

Blogger $mokkee said...

go to Bodog's casino and put it all on black.

that is really ur only shot.

9:51 PM


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