Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Uplifting the Bloggers

I figure I should prop up some of the good bloggers who support this blog and enhance the flow of positive energy around this place. Before I do that though I bought the Audio Tape:Learn Poker the Sucko way. Here are a few excerpts:

Sucko: Derrr... I have lot of chip.. Derrr
Sucko: Derrr... I have 23o .. Derrr...
Sucko: Derrr... JAM ALL IN .. Derrr...

I am learning a lot from this tape. Really. Like I said in my comment section I can not see how jamming the nuts is a bad thing when I get called EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So anyyywaayyy.. First off welcome a new read Neil. Reading his blog it seems like he is just starting out so let's encourage him to stick around. That way we can abuse him later.

Secondly the outrageously hot, sexy and yes scary lady Joannda has written one of the best posts about life, love, the pursuit of seventy hours a week, and all the crazy shit that goes into being human. I was really deeply touched by her post and can really relate to a lot of what she said. If you have not read it you suck.

I have noticed that Pokerstars SNG players are wayyyyyyy worse than Full Tilt SNG players. This could be good.

Also big huge congrats to Mini-Donk for taking second in the Tuckfard Fucktard HORSE event. No small feat with the likes of Pushmonkeyfucker and BamBam in that thing. I put a bounty on Pushmonkeys head and he was taken out on the bubble! BOOYAH! It looked bad for Mini-Donk with about five left but she got her head together after a sick suckout and went from last to first and finally lost in HU action. I predict big things for her in the future.

WAFFLES FACT OF THE DAY: NOT Only women can have multiple orgasms.

Females are not alone in their ability to reach bliss time and time again. Men too can experience several non-ejaculatory orgasms in a row during a single sex session. This happens when: (A) A man has been strengthening his pelvic floor muscles for greater control in postponing his ultimate pleasure; and (B) He has learned to back off from that moment of his sexual response cycle known as the “point of ejaculatory inevitability.” It is when a man can postpone his response that he’s likely to have an even greater orgasmic applause.

I am looking into this "Pelvic Floor Muscle" thing to see what exercises I need to do. Hell it is on Foxnews it has to be true right?

Tonight I might be in the Skillz game. I have signed up but not sure if I will be there exactly at the starting time. We shall see. I may have to stop by my old work and milk some more money out of them. Hopefully not but money is good.


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