Thursday, June 19, 2008

Celtic Assholes

OMFG! I came about 3 seconds away from kicking a cane out from under a blind guy. I was so fucking furious about my commute today. The blind guy was not even on my train. They pack my fucking train with thousands of Celtics fans wearing those fucking green jerseys and these fuckwads are packed in so tight I can feel the guy behind me pushing his junk up the crack of my ass. Then this fucking nitwit turns to his friend and is like "I gotta get off the train now! I am going to pass out!" and he fucking leans on me for support! I COULD FUCKING CARE LESS IF YOU DIE! DIEDIEDIEIDIEIDDIEIDIE!!! ARG! STUPID FUCKING IDIOT COMMUTERS! Oh congrats Celtics.

While I am on the subject why the fuck are stock traders such arrogant fucks? I mean cmon. What the hell do you scumbags do? "Der, I will take 5". I mean some Walmart customer service clerk can do that shit. You fucking arrogant line cutting fucking tards.

Yesterday was much better. Carmen talking about me talking about masturbating is about as close to having sex with her as I am going to ever get. WOOT! Score one for me! I even got a visit by Bobby Bracelet. Does that mean my blog gets to go up a letter from it's current standing? I mean it must right?

I will leave you with this email I got as a last note. The lament of the loser. Anyone can win over a short period of time. It takes skill to win over the long term.
Have a nice day.

This is a letter I have recently sent to a poker site and I am waiting for a response. The facts in this letter are 100% accurate! - BlindRiver

This is obviously my first time playing at your site, but let me just say I have played at many other ones that gave me free bonus money as you did, some more some less. I would say in total I have recieved about 30 free money bonus offers in poker and much more from casinos.
Now here is the really funny part. Every single time I get a bonus from a site such as yours, and I mean EVERY time, I seem to at least quadruple my money to start. At your site I was able to make 5 and a half times the money up to 56$! Wow, but now, I don't have enough points to cash out right? So I keep playing and lose all the money on a miracle run of bad bad beats! Hmmmm, wierd how every single time a site gives me free money, I'm always able to make a lot off of it, then lose it before I am permitted to cash out. I do not think this is a coinsidence. How can it happen exactly that way over 30 times? It is not statistically possible!
So then I got to thinking... How does this benefit you as the poker site? Quite simple... you give me a taste of real money play, show me how easy it is to win, then take it all away. Now I believe that I can deposit my own money and make money like the last time, except this time I can cash it out right? Wrong! Because when I deposit my own money, I lose after winning a small amount, and lose my deposit. Very clever I must admit!
So now I get to thinking that if your poker programs are smart enough or programmed well enough to permit the bonus money players to win at the start of their bonus and lose later on, then how safe are the players actually depositing their own money?
This is not to mention the Absolute Poker scam, and the recent news about Ultimate Bet where in both cases, hole card information was given away to players.
Now please remind me why I should deposit money at your poker site?
I do appreciate the bonus because it is fun to play, but we both know I'm not getting anything out of it. Been there, done that. So in closing I would appreciate if you would give me a response to this e-mail regarding my concerns WITHOUT, I repeat WITHOUT ANY crap about a random number generator or anything along the lines of randomness, because anyone who knows anything about computers knows that it is impossible for them to generate random numbers.
Thank You


Blogger Littleacornman said...

Great title for a post! There's another team with the same name that makes me feel like that too...

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