Monday, June 16, 2008

Rant Fail!

If you are not reading the fail blog your dumb.

I am failing at ranting. I mean if I was a writer like Dr. Pauly or a stealer of content like Iggy I could continue on. My blog is about losing and ranting. So what am I to do? I am winning for the moment.

I am playing some Warcraft with MHG. We are looking for some players on our PVP server also. We are Alliance which kinds sucks but we are still low levels (28 and 14) so you can join up and we can smack down some loner Horde players. The current characters are Hunter and Ice Mage. I have also decided I suck at PVP right now. I never really played it on my other server. I soloed some pretty sick content with my crazy hunter and his pet. Now I have to learn to beat the crap out of other humans. Anyone who has a level 70 on my server and wants to twink out my mage for fun just send me some stuff!!! Whee! Here is a link to my character if you want to join up. We are currently residing in Stormwind I think. BTW - 40% Chance of crit on ever shot I make is pretty cool. GOOOO SHATTER! I am such a nerd.

Anyway to avoid these BS Warcraft posts I am going to start a mini-series of posts. These will be to honor and poke fun at some of the people I like to read. I have done some of these in the past. The mini-series is going to be me writing as another writer. I might as well start as the blog father. Why the hell not. Hopefully these can be amusing and enjoyable.


Blogger DubsPoke said...

i'll join your grumpy ass there. Pokedubs - shaman on alterac mountains realm.

had sold my previous acct with 4 70s (horde style) for a few hundo.

3:05 PM

Blogger Wwonka said...

Wow you really are a Geek.

the Donkey Show.

4:19 PM


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