Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Example for JJ

Dear Full Tilt,

First allow me to say you are MY FAVORITE site. Even though Bodog is much more fishy and has better MTT structures YOU ARE MY GIRL! You have given a TON to this community of bloggers and I thank you for everything. Putting up WSOP seats and 2K packages and all of that extra money was incredible. However. There is always a However. You really need to get your fucking act together. I mean seriously. I love you but your like some donk tricked out on heroine. You just are totally fucked up. I read everyday about people not getting payments from you. Having to wait for a ton of time. What is the excuse? I can understand if there is some processing problem but why not come out and let everyone know what happened. Instead your pathetic "Support" line handles it horribly. This is a sign of a rinky-dink operation. You guys have become one of the powerhouse sites. It happened a while ago. Grow up your fucking infrastructure. What are you owned by a bunch of cheap jew lawyers or something? Fucking step up and support your base. Otherwise you will lose it.

I also think you totally blew the fucking package deals. Why not pass them out early so people can go through your ridiculous withdrawal process and ACTUALLY PLAY IN THE WSOP!!!! I mean fucking two weeks into the deal and I still did not have my 2k? I would have LOVED to have a fucking FT hat on my head and some FT speedoes holding my cock up while I donked my way through some 2K event but by the time you sent the money all of the events I was interested in were past. This does not include the month it would take to get the check sent to me either.

Last but not least.. WHERE IS MY FUCKING MONEY! You owe me $350. I mean cmon. I won it right? This is your page right?


It does say my 5th place finish is worth $350? Right? I mean this was not Full Tilt points. It looks like cash to me? What the hell do I have to do to get paid? I mean I am willing to be patient if you COMMUNICATE! How the hell can you just leave me hanging though? I am very paranoid and think you are conspiring against me or something. Just tell me when my money is coming. I mean why did you not send it with the 2k? Why are you retarded? Please please please get a lobotomy and fix that fucked up brain of yours. I love you too much to see you do this to yourself. Grow up and be a professional company.

I will say I was amused by your first response telling me I was a loser and never won anything and sending me my losing MTT history for the last few months. I thought that was a nice touch.

I would ask for a Bonus for my troubles but it probably would be harder to figure out why my bonus was not credited to my account than it would be worth.

Thank You,


Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

Here is a pass to Anger Management Classes.


XANAX to table 34, Xanax to table 34

10:19 PM

Blogger Ingoal said...

Now that's a good ole fashioned rant, I <3 that!

1:46 AM

Blogger ScurvyDog said...

As a winning player with many withdrawals over the years, ad money coming in from your blog, and a job that makes you many grandusands of American dollars (all things we've been reminded of repeatedly here over the years), couldn't you just buy into one of the $1,500 events yourself? The FT money will eventually show up, so you're just floating the buy-in until it does.

You haven't missed all of the $1,500 NL events, either. Still five of them left before the Main Event starts. Not sure why you keep ranting about them all being completed by the time FT credited you with the $2K package:


4:30 AM

Blogger AlCantHang said...

Ungrateful little prick.

4:39 AM

Blogger Wwonka said...

"What are you owned by a bunch of cheap jew lawyers or something? "

Hey Now I am offended and You better Hope I never find out who you are or I will meet you outside and beat you up even though you told me to never read your blog again.

LOL great post.
Maybe you and mike bradley can go to those anger management classes together.

6:54 AM

Blogger Evy said...

LOL its not cool to make me laugh this hard when i have strep

i love you waffles!!!

9:15 AM

Blogger Evy said...




9:21 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

not having it is as good as never getting it...

Until it finally comes.

Processors in these times of the UIGEA suck ass and that is most likely the problem, and not full tilts.

But if that is the case they should stop sending auto-generated replies that say someday soon, it will comme.

To hell with fronting it though... If it doesnt come in time, then your decision was made for you.

ungrateful little pric you!!

11:47 AM

Blogger Shrike said...

Seems like Full Tilt and Donkette use the same processor ...

11:50 AM


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