Friday, June 06, 2008

I do not Understand Poker

First off tonight is the KORD. Go check out the site for information. I am the reigning champion and there is a bounty on my head. It is 8.80 KO for a chance to tilt the fuck out of Waffles. Seems like money well spent.

I have switched my game to 25/NLHE lately. Stud has been slow and SNGs are swingy. So far in two days I have made eight buyins and have no idea why. I will be the first to admit I suck at NLHE cash games. My reckless spirit serves me well in MTT play but in a cash game it is just disaster. I have been running well this much is true. I even stacked Scott last night. It was an interesting hand. He had a set of fours vs my set of eights. I think I lead out and he cold called with one other person. The turn made a straight and this is when he got active. I called thinking even if I am behind I can catchup. The river was a blank and he jammed in for his final eleven. I was up a buyin already and I had played the hand too far to back down so I called and was DELIGHTED to see his lower set. I was really scared by the action and the way the hand went that he had the QT nut straight. Only because that fucker almost never gets all in without the nuts. I have mad respect for him. He said to me afterwards "You should always be willing to go broke there". It was an interesting comment and he is by far a much better cash player than I am but should you really always be willing to go broke with a set on the river and a straight on the board? Is there a reason for this? Can someone who plays cash a lot explain this to me. Scott just grunts a lot and tells me it is because he said so and he has won 100x what I ever will.

FUN hand of the night. This hand had me fucking scratching my head and french kissing the "RNG". So I am at a pretty good table and I look down and see POCKET ROCKETS BAYYYYBEEE. I raise my normal dollar and I have a REALLY tight image. So I get five callers. I am scratching my head and awaiting my inevitable doom. The flop comes down A28 ALLL FUCKING CLUBS. WOW! So I lead for pot. I get two callers and three drop out.

The turn is a TWO! Very nice card for me. I lead weak for three again. Then all of the sudden the guy next to me wakes up and JAMS ALL IN.. then the guy next to him JAMS OVER THE TOP.. I am fucking hoping nobody has quad twos because there is no fucking way I am folding. So I call. I am up against 69 of clubs for the flush and A2 for the smaller boat. BOOOOM BABY BOOOM! Too bad both of them together only had like one buyin. Fracking fish calling raises pre-flop with A fucking two. Wow.

I also bubbled a 45-peep SNG. So I have had 17th, 13th, and 7th in the last three days. Really this is getting me prepared for the 46-person SNG I have to play this Saturday for a fucking ME seat baby! OHHHH YEAH! This is going to be fun. I even bought a stranger into my 45-peep last night. He was playing 1.10 SNG so I sent him the buyin so I could simulate someone in the game who did not earn their seat. I am really looking forward to this weekend. I may even come out with my own odds chart and see how well my predictions do against the real game.

Tonight I will keep going where the fire is hot and hit some more cash games until they dry up. The KORD of course and maybe try and finally win a 45-peep SNG. That was the last thing I won to jump my bankroll up. See you at the tables.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go back to limit stud, and by the way, stop playing AQ

1:01 AM

Blogger Blinders said...

LOL, you just realized this

6:41 PM

Blogger PokerGuy said...

Keep up the great posts I really love your blog.

10:32 PM

Blogger PokerGuy said...

By the way (same poster as above) Can you please contact me I'd like to buy a link off your site.


10:32 PM


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