Thursday, July 24, 2008

A MTT Players Night AKA How I Donked into Third

Here are a few hands from last nights game. I have booked over $200 in prop bets and all betting is closed. I feel good that I made up about a third of the distance to first place in my first night. Eight more games to go.

9:54 … Waffles is all in on 653 flop against Surf and scoops a good size pot. He’s over 4,000 now.

Here I made a position play on Surf. He raised and I put him on some weak Ace. So when the flop came all low I jammed and he folded. This was purely a power poker play.

10:54 … HEE HAW…Money goes all in on a flop of 6s 5d Ts. Waffles has 86d and LJ has KK. Obv the turn is the 8c and Waffles doubles up to 10,000.

This is sort of the same play as I made against Surf but it went terribly wrong or right depending what side of the coin you are on. I called LJ's raise pre-flop. I really make the loose call because I have a lot of chips and the humor factor will be through the roof if I flop well. I was looking to flop something better than middle pair but I thought her range from second position could be something like AT-AKx, 22-AA.

I mean I felt she would have a semi-strong hand but not necessarily the AA or KK. She lead out on the flop for 2/3 the pot which seemed small to me for some reason. So I had to decide if she was c-betting with AK/AQ or if she had a hand. I am not calling here. I need to either fold or go all in and push her overcards out. I made the wrong decision but I went with it and instead of cold calling I tried to push her out of the pot. Obviously she is not going to fold KK there and I got extremely lucky. I am not going to apologize for the play. It was along the same lines of a successful play I made against Surf. Sometimes you make a mistake but as long as your playing hard you can do no wrong. It also lead to amusing tilty LJ comments all night which makes the play +EV in my book.

11:19 … MaggieO machine win pot. Machine river straight with 55 to crack Lucko’s AA. Machine has 30K.

I only highlight this hand because it was funny as hell. Sucko had been.. well.. sucking out on people with his gynormous stack. His sister then sucks out on him big time and he calls her a donkey. I of course was insulted by his mistreatment of his lovely sister so I had to defend her honor. I am chivalrous like that.

11:22 … Waffle’s KK stand up to lucko’s AJc and he’s doubled up to 31K. Lucko is left with 594 and all in on the next hand as is TheCloserX5. Waffles calls with AQo while TheCloser has QQ and Lucko 77. Ace on the flop and Wawfuls scoops it all. Final table.

Here my lucksackery really shows off. I smack down the other half of Suckos stack with my KK and then he puts his last 500 chips in. TheCloser decides to jam his remaining 5K. I figured with my large stack, mediocre hand, and all the dead money in the pot I should call. I end up catching my three outer to get rid of Sucko and TheCloser all in one shot. Woot Knockout Bonus!!!!

11:33 … Q68 flop and OSU goes all in and Waffles calls. KQo for OSU and TT for Waffles. Double up.

I pretty much knew I was beat here but I pulled a little bit of a Bayne and figured the pot was laying me the correct odds to call here. I am not sure I like Bayne anymore. People were really down on me for making calls like 5k more to win a 25k pot where I was likely behind but had like 30k left. I really do not think making math only calls are good.

11:57 … J Haze is all in on the the turn with the board showing A 6 9 Q. Waffles tanks but eventually calls with 98 which is good against J Haze’s J6. No river love and they are down to 6.

However here is another math only call where I assumed I was probably beat but it was only 3k more and I was priced in. My second pair is way ahead of third pair here and so the math call works out. I am so confused.

Finally OSU took me out in third. He played a good game tonight. I could not beat him and it was just his night to win. A few of the hands we played I may have been able to knock him off his hand pre-flop.. especially that TT hand.. but I am not sure..

Anyway the fact that people were screaming at me and calling me names all night must mean I played a great game. It is the only conclusion I can come up with. Keep sending the hate my way as it fuels me and makes me unstoppable. I have eight more games to make around $240 to take the lead assuming everything stays the same. Is any money going to shift to the other side? Is anyone going to put some money down on Waffles with odds? I am sure you will get plenty of takers. I really hope not though because the hate is good and I like it.


Blogger oossuuu754 said...

Nice showing last night. You might get the last prop laugh if you keep it up.

9:08 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...


don't blame me for your donkey call with TT.

I can understand you feeling you were sucking out like a Hoover and had to make call.

10:02 AM

Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

All I can reference is

You will come to the week being $40 close to the lead and then LJ will snap one off and break it off good.

I can smell the hate filled rant.

I mean, if you couldn't close it when you had a chance of full blogger nudity (not your own), you will find a way to BLOW IT!

All it takes is time.

MU HU HA HA!!!!!


Now Life blog Poker blog

10:17 AM

Blogger lj said...

lol. u make it sound like i'm hard to tilt. i want u making that play every single time v. me. more pls. :-)

10:20 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

well when you say please so sexily how can I refuse ;).

11:13 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Waffles, you are fast becoming my hero ...

12:52 PM


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