Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still got nothing..

Boss talking to himself creepy.
Boss calling himself daddy very creepy.

He is the boss though. I guess if I can not be happy losing at poker since I am reformed I have to fall back on the old flame wars. Even this one is not going to be great but lets give it a shot. I started the Mookie way back when as a small group gathering and I am offended that LJ is on the top of the leader board. She is way too skilled at MTTs to be leading this thing.. although she may have the donkey quotient down to be a Mookie Leader I just do not think she captures the Surflexus type donkey that should be the King of all Mooks. So I have decided I will knock her off her perch. In the next few months I am going to play every single Mookie with the goal of becoming the leader board champion of this thing. Fuck I really need better goals if the best I can come up with is being the king of a pack of donkeys.

Ah well let the patheticness continue. Peace out. See you tonight.


Blogger lj said...

bring it biatch.

11:14 AM


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