Friday, September 05, 2008

Fun Times

I hit up the Riverchasers last night. Went into the final table with a HUGE lead. Pulled a MAJOR bluff on AlCantHang. Laughed for half an hour as he called me a moron. Then I lost two coin flips and made a couple bad calls against Hoyazo and my night was over. Well worth the price of admission.

Played the 3/6 LO8 game with Bayne. Wow is that a fucking fish fest. I lost one buyin to some retard chasing a low and then rebought. Played aggravated poker for a little while. Trippled my buyin. Finally finished up 1/3 a buyin. Not bad given the bad start. I really am not sure what adjustments I need to make to beat that game. Being looser is wrong. However when five people limp every pot and call every raise I think raising my scooping hands is a good idea. Normally you want more people in with these hands but if people are not folding then you might as well get more money into the pot. Not really sure the key to these games. I just feel the juiciness.

Went 1 and 1 in HU NLHE. Had a guy call me a fucking big ass fish. So I wiped the floor with him. That was awesome. I pulled a Veneno on him and said "Golly I just play for the fun of it". He was not amused. Funniest thing though is he did not signup for a rematch. If someone is a fish you should always get a rematch.

Congratz to Evy for fifth place finish. As much crap as people give her about her game I think she continue to improve and is actually a decent player. Even if she is not all you faggots who say she sucks have never made a score that big so nah nahh nah nahhhhhhh nah. Keep it up girl.


Blogger Evy said...

lol i love you waffles!

9:08 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Waffles - I'm going crazy - why can't I get my shit to be left justified????? I want NAME and LOCATION to all lineup - ugh!

I'm sure you know how to fix these - so please please please tell me :)

1:25 PM


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