Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Home Game

Had some fun playing in a home game. This is probably my first home game since I learned to play break even poker. I followed the guidelines of my new book and failed. I actually made a profit. Do not worry though there is a second book in the works. What to do if you make a profit. It should be out about the time pigs fly or hell freezes over. I would assume the second one because the ole Pig-A-Polt is pretty damn close to completion.

The game was pretty fun. I had a good time drinking and playing. I also did the Bloggers proud by winning the first SNG and taking second in the next one. I gave back some of the profits in the next two games and the cash game. It is pretty hard to take a quarters cash game seriously.

I pretty much just played the SNG games as big as possible. If I flopped a good pair or a monster draw I tried to get it all in. Seemed to work pretty well. Of course busting the pregnant wife of the host may not guarantee a return invite. Oh well. Hopefully I will be doing a few more of these. I really like tossing the live chips but Foxwoods is a bit far to go on a regular basis.

Make sure you do not miss the Mookie. I have two shots to dethrone the Queen. At one point I had her down to a fourty buck lead but in true royal fashion she sucked out against aces ninety times and took down a Mookie. Now I have to have a win and a top five finish in the next two games in order to win.


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