Friday, September 19, 2008

I know..

I know you guys have missed my Warcraft updates. Here is my latest comment on Blizzards customer service survey.

I hate Blizzard. I have gone from loving your company to hating your guts more than you will ever know. All I ask in a company is a professional mannerism. It has been five days since my account has been hacked. I have no idea if anyone is working on it. I have no way to tell if anyone is doing anything about it. I have nobody to call. I am just floating in space hoping that someone gives a fuck. Well maybe Warhammer cares more about its customers than Warcraft. I guess instead of buying Wrath of the Litch King I should buy a new game and see if the customer service is any better. I feel this way because you have no system in place to help your customers in the event of their accounts being compromised.

In essence my MAIN problem is not the time it is taking to fix this or the fact I got hacked and I think it is their fault. My MAIN problem with BLIZZARD and WORLD OF WARCRAFT is that there is no customer service here. I can not call anyone. I can not see the status of my issue. I have no fucking idea if anyone is working on it or if they just forgot all about me and do not give a fuck. There really has to be a better system. Cocksucker.

Peace out and have fun this weekend.


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