Thursday, October 02, 2008

Angels, Devils, and Plans

Angles vs Red Sox. WOW. No not WoW. WOW. What a game. Great way to start the series with a pitchers duel. Sure the Sox got some extra help in the late innings but that was one of the best games I have seen in a while. I think this is going to be a fun series. The Angels were a great team all season long. I give them the edge there. The big question is if they will be able to overcome TEN STRAIGHT PLAYOFF LOSSES to the Red Sox. I would not want to be betting this series.

I played the Mookie and busted out early to ScottMc when he did not believe my bluff of a pair of aces. He should have folded his set. Dammit! What an assclown. Actually I think he played a very weak game. He should be shot for letting his game deteriorate that far. I think he went out the next hand when he jammed his A5o into someone who had AA. I am not positive. Just saying. I wonder if he will ever blog again?

I played LO8. Lately I have been letting these cash games get to me. I just get so pissed off when I have A2Q3 s00ted on the turn with two lows and two s000t. Some ass hat calls me with K984 all same suit. No draws except the lower flush. The river pops a miracle fucking king and he takes it down. ARRRH! I really need to stop letting this kind of thing frustrate me.

On the good side of things I ended leaving that table up three full buyins. Some tard was railing me and we agreed if I made it to two hundred from my original sixty buyin that I would send him ten bucks. So I shipped it.

These games have so much short term variance -- which is the part that frustrates me -- but they can be so profitable. Hopefully I can get it under control and just enjoy the game.

I won a 14$ 75-peep token race also. That was fun. I basically played tight until the blinds were at 500ish. I had about a 3-4k stack and there were fifteen people left to the money. I had a limper before me and the blinds. I had been playing very tight. So I decide to jam my AT. He calls for 1/3 his stack with 88. Now this being a game where you do not have to take first I think his call was ridiculous. However he was ahead until I rivered an Ace on his ass. The normal "Why always me", can spewing from his mouth. He actually did hang on to win a token though. I basically folded every hand after this and sat on my 11K stack until it dwindled down to 7K and finally some shorties got kicked.

I was undecided about how to spend my token. I have been making plans and discussing playing the 750K Guaranteed every week. So I dialed up LJ on the IM and asked her what she would spend a token on. Her response was "The 750K SNG Satellite".. "The Whooziwhatzit?".. Go look in SNGs silly. So I did and I LOVE LJ. It is great when things come together like that.

Anyway this is my plan. Ways to get into the 750K Guaranteed:

1. Win 14$ Token Frenzy then use token to play 9 person SNG for 750K entry.
2. Play $55 Satellite
3. If and only if I have made over 200 bucks in the week I will just buy in directly.

Obviously the first two options are preferred. I can play the 14$ Tokens every night at around 10ish and hit up the Satellite that night if I feel up to it or wait until the next day. I think this is a great plan. I feel like this is going to work out in a big way. Only time will tell though.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

yup! you guessed it. I wonder how many other people know about that term.

12:57 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I barely understand it myself.

1:00 PM


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