Sunday, October 26, 2008


That must be the mantra of all MTT players. I entered the 40K Guaranteed yesterday. Honestly it was a lot of fun. I played pretty well. I had the top five stack most of the game. I then lost half my chips when someone jammed his T9 s000ted on the flop with no pair, no draw, against my KK.. and won. Runner flushes rule. I then made a bad play with eights. I worked it back up again to a top five stack. I then overplayed AJ on a Jxx flop in a hand I never should have been in. Finally I sputterd out and lost a flop A2 vs TJ missing the money by a few spots. Besides the T9 hand nothing horrible. I guess the part that sucks is you can play really well the whole game and either get fucked or make a mistake and none off it counts. Oh well. The rail was funny. Especially the chick who plays .01 MTTs telling me I suck.


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