Thursday, October 23, 2008

Numblowme Lines

Here are some lines from BamBam and Tuckfard.

Most rebuys by a single person: 125
Sucker bet if you pick the under here. I thing this is going to be much higher. Someone will play this that is used to 50/100NLHE and make a ton more buys than this.

Total tournament rebuys: 4200
I think a lot of people will be playing. Say we get a Mookie size crowd of 50. This is 84 buys a person or $8.40 each. I doubt that is going to happen. So I guess the under is good here.

Players with more than a starting stack after the rebuy: 20
Interesting. A lot depends on the number of players. However I do like the over here.

Players that quit before the break: 1
The over is probably a good bet. People get frustrated and all that. So it should be more than one.

Chips in play after the rebuy period: 4,260,000
No idea. ha! Math is obviously not my strong suit but 4 million seems a little high. I will go under.

Waffles chip stack at the end of the rebuy
Assuming I last that long my stack will be better than 2001. I mean that is just a rebuy and addon. If I am that low at the end of the rebuy then I might as well just quit.

Let's try and grow this some more. Here are a few from me.

First Person to Cry about a hand I have to give this to PirateLawyer. My man plays so much better than his opponents that the inevitable outrage is bound to come quickly.

Chicks at the Final Table: 1
I will take the over.. because then the chicks will think I think they are awesome at poker and I might improve my chances of getting laid by .00000001 percent. Gotta play the odds baby!

Who is going to win this thing?
This is kind of hard since I am not sure who is playing. Someone like Don should make the odds for this.

CarmenSinCity 10-1 -- Hottie has been playing good lately with her Mookie win and deep finish last night.
LJ 2-1 -- Lucksack powers can not be underestimated. She can suckout like nobody since.. well since Sucko.. I think this format really favors her.
Sucko 2-1 -- Why not. He will probably be bored to shit if he plays. However he has the L-factor and the money to rebuy until he gets a huge stack.
Poker Enthusiast 100-1 -- What the hell has he ever won? A single Mookie? A Riverchasers? I think he has been a total dud.
ScottMC 15-1 -- Sure the guy has skillz but he is too good of a player to win this. He will get fucked hard and lose a 90-10 hand. No way he goes deep.
Bayne 12-1 -- He has a shot. I personally think LJ is going to make him her bitch-boy again and that will be it for him. If he can avoid her until deep then he might be able to pull off a win when he over-defends his blind and sucks out huge.
Waffles 1-1 -- The original G baby. This guys is so good he makes his opponents cry. Since he has fucked a leprechaun and gotten lucky nobody can stop him. He is going to win for sure.

Alright lets get some more lines going. Peace out.


Blogger Bayne_S said...

No way "LJ is going to make him her bitch-boy"

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