Monday, January 05, 2009

Ikarium Sucks Balls

I was playing this game Ikarium. It was an alright game. Sort of like a baby Civilization. One of the bad things about it was you knew all the units and buildings available.. and everyone really ended up taking the same course. There was no real uniqueness. So like I said it was kinda fun. Not great. My son had seen me playing it and he wanted an island so I set him up.

Apparently this is against the rules. I somehow triggered a permanent ban of both of our accounts. Pretty sick really. I explained that it was just my sons account however they do not take any excuses and ban you forever. I guess there is not real reason for them to not have bad customer service and do whatever they want. However I would suggest nobody play this because you could break some hidden rules that are not easily found. Besides these people are assholes.

Anyway I decided not to start a new colony. It is not worth the time. I signed off in the usual Waffles Style.

Fuck it if I am perma banned you are a cock eating German fucktard and I hope you get aids from your boyfriend. Asshole.

At least I should have a good reason to be banned forever.


Blogger 23skidoo said...

Only you could get banned from a free online game....

But the game is a fairly boring time waster.

7:09 AM


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