Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scott Day 3

Chachiiing. Three days of cash. Three days of profit. Three days of beating ScottMc. The world is going to end soon. Been having a decent time of playing NLHE cash. Took down close to two buyins last night which was a lot of fun.

Not too many hands of note. We had a lagtard at my table who thought he could bully his way over me. In truth I do not take bullying all that well and this is probably not the best way to catch a lagtard. The hand goes down with me waiting for something to bust him with. He has ten bucks left at the time. I see AQ and do my normal 3xBB raise in the 6-max game. He then re-raises me as he was doing a lot of. I had folded to a few of these. I considered his hand range and figured I was way ahead. So I pot the guy up to five bucks. He is a donktard and cold calls leaving himself three bucks behind. This kind of move is stupid because I can not be expected to fold anything. The flop is all low card blanks and I toss the rest in. He thinks for a while and then calls with his AJo unimproved. BOOM! Another player running off of MY TABLE with his tail between his legs.

I really only got into one decent sized hand with Scott. I re-raised my Aces pre-flop and got called two ways one being Scott. The flop comes down T8x. The short stack ships it in and Scott cold calls. I cold call also and we both end up checking down to the river. The cards flip up and I am against QT and JT, Scott having the third best hand. I end up scooping up a nice twenty dollar pot.

I was a bit disappointed with one hand. I flopped a nice set and let my opponent bet his top pair. He then turned two pair. He lead the turn and I raised getting a semi hesitant call. I then tried to figure out a good bet on the river. The pot was like ten bucks. I did not want to scare him away. I really like jamming here but I have been trying to value bet a bit more. So I put out a little over half pot bet and he cold called. I have to believe he would have called a jam.

I did get to monkey one OBFV. I turned a nut straight and checked it. It got checked behind. SO I let my timer run down a little and jammed all in to a three dollar pot for another twelve bucks. I had a note on the guy "Can't fold TP".. Soooo... It proved to be a good note as he let his timer run down then called me with top pair six kicker.

Who knows what will happen. Poker is a fickle mistress. So far I have had three winning sessions. Digging myself out of a hole once, winning a buyin, and last night taking down almost two buyins. At least it is fun for the moment.


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