Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ah Sweet Percoset

Finally got sick of waking up at 4AM every night.. So what did I do? Popped a few of my wife's Percoset pills. Wheee! Took the edge right off. My sore neck from sleeping wrong was gone too. I tried to relax in my comfy chair but the boy kept asking for drinks and food and to pee. Fucking selfish bastard. heh. So between dizzy walks to the bathroom and mellowing out in my chair it was pretty good. If I moved my foot too much it still was in agony.. but I could actually bend my toe a little which made it feel a hell of a lot better the next morning. I was tempted to pop a couple more for work but I thought saying "WHEEEE!" in my cubicle might be a little hard to explain.

The wife went out on a date last night. I hope she gets married. Please pray for this. I need to ask her if she got any. She was out pretty late. I did not notice any hickeys though. If I get her in the car alone I am going to be all like "Little girl, you were out way past you bedtime, were you a naughty girl?". BWAHAHA! It would be awesome if someone from Dover with money married her. Save me a ton of cash right there. I expect that this hope will get runner runner crushed like every other one I have ever had but we shall see..


Blogger Astin said...

She'll just make you pay for the wedding.

12:41 PM

Blogger PokahDave said...

A friend of mine had the Gout really bad. He had to completely change his diet. Too much grilled meat and beer were the two main culprits. Not sure what the medication was that he had to take to get through the pain...

9:48 AM


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