Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Still Alive

Pain kinda makes me not want to connect with people. Gout is still alive and well. Instead of calling it gout though from now on we will refer to it as the "Climbing Accident".

I am tired of sounding old.. so from now on.. "I was mountain climbing with MHG and his sexy bitch. I looked up and saw my clip pulling free of the mountain. So I kicked out with my foot and broke my toe, swinging over to the ledge just as the clip snapped off and dropped my rope to the floor below"

Waking up a few nights in a row at 4AM in pain sucks. I am almost to the point where I would try Big Pirates suggestion of Indomethecin. The other option being getting some pain pills so I can ignore this shit until it goes away. The first option sounds good except the side effects are kind of scary. It basically turns off the lining of your stomach. The stuff that protects you from the acid. So you could potentially get uclers. Bleed. Death. Not good.

If I decide to go for any pain meds I will be sure to ask my readers what is good. I am sure you know much more than the doctors. Until I feel better I will give sporadic updates. I am sort of pissed I am unable to exercise since I was on such a good run. Ah well. Latah.


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