Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuck Fat People Blog

Nah not really. I love fat people. Especially women. I just do not want to be fat myself. I know the blog is becoming more of an exercise blog than PokerPeakers but that is what my spastic mind is into at the moment. Last four days I have been able to walk again which is nice. After being out of commission for almost a month I am glad to get back on the wagon. The weight is holding steady at 180 ATM. It was down as low as 176 at one point.

Getting back into the mile walks has caused me to see how much even that little exercise helps. It is the difference from being kind of weasy at the end of walking up some steps and having no problems with general low intensity activities. Hell I could run a mile after my first stint of exercise.

I am considering doing the Beginners 5k Training.

This is a 8 week training schedule for an absolute beginner wishing to run a 5k. No prior running experience is necessary.

This program assumes that you are in moderate shape (able to easily walk a mile at a brisk pace), and are able to run 3 days a week. Schedule the program so that you will have at least a few days rest between the final training run and the 5k.

The pace is basically slowly building up.

During the first 2 weeks you should run a total of 6 times. Begin slow and then build up as your endurance improves. Try starting out jogging/walking about 3/4 of a mile, and build up to jogging 1.5 miles.

During the next 2 week period, you will run a total of 6 times. Begin where you left off (jogging about 1.5 miles), and keep this pace for all of week 3 so you get comfortable with it. During week four work your way up to being able to jog 2 miles.

During the next 2 week period, you will run a total of 6 times (once again). Begin where you left off (jogging 2 miles), and keep this pace for all of week 5 so you get comfortable with it. During week 6 work your way up to being able to jog 3 miles. You are now very close to the actual 5K distance.

Finally begin where you left off (jogging 3 miles), and try to build up during week 7 to a distance of 4 miles. Ease off during week 8 and run only 1-2 miles early during the week so that your body will have time to rest. At this point you have exceeded the 5K distance, so you know you are capable. Now you're ready to blaze through the 5K!

I actually did play some poker last night. I had like 9.50 for the Mookie so I went to try and make a few extra bucks. I started off really good and was like twenty cents short. I then got a dude with A7 hearts to stack off on the turn against my AJ with an Ace on the board. He had a redraw to the flush there. His percentage to win when the money went in was 18%*Waffles Bad Luck Factor which equals guaranteed win. I got back up to seven bucks and then basically raced AK s000ted hearts against JJ. He raised in EP and so I jammed to make him possibly consider folding. I was a slight dog here when he called. I do not think you have to make moves like this in a cash game but it was Mookie or bust. Obviously I lost on an all black board. Ah well.

I am pretty much what the fuck is the point right now. I may change my mind later. I am however coming to the pokering in December. Will buy my tickets to Vegas in October. Jet Blue foreva! They are always late retards but I love the TV and the prices. I am not sure where I am going to stay but if anyone wants a Fat, Smelly, Fart machine that snores at night to share a room with for two nights let me know. Women are more than welcome to apply.

I will arrive the night of the 11th and jet back on the red-eye on Sunday. I intend to mostly drink although I will play some poker and participate in the tourney. I have a nice record of near misses and could-have-beens. I especially appreciate Mrs. Spaceman and Coxlovers contributions to my almost wins. Although I have to admit being at the table with Mrs. Spaceman and Grubette was AWESOME!!!

Once the divorce is all settled down I want to make a lot more trips to places like Okie Vegas and Ehh Vegas maybe even a west coast swing or something to the south.

On the sex front THE LAKE BEAST IS DEAD LIGHTBULB! Sheeesh. I met a new chick we will call "The Librarian". Stuffy looking, prim, and proper by day but freaky good at night! I can see her being a friend for a while. I am so not looking for any kind of exclusive relationship for a long time though. Friendship. Talking. Fun Times. Sex is good if it happens. Just looking for some casual times.


Blogger The Wife said...

Hang in there - I think the beginner 5k training thing is a great idea - always better if there is a structure and goal.

See you in Vegas.

9:13 PM

Blogger PokahDave said...

what is this 'Lake Beast' you speak of? I must have missed a few posts.....

8:58 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

"She needs a little tenderness. She needs a little understanding. She needs a little Kramer."

From Seinfeld episode "The Library"

9:21 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

Weird! I actually look forward to seeing you in Vegas again!


9:07 AM


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