Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fuck You August

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last few posts. I am ready for August to end and September to fire up. Recap of August: PAIN LEVEL 8 for two weeks, Pain Level 3 for 2 weeks. Now I am down to very little pain unless my son jumps on my toe by accident. Freaking Waffles gene. I am going to try another short walk today. I rested all weekend and took Monday off. I have three pills left from my batch of one a day. I actually can walk normally again for the moment with only slight twinges of pain.

The wife continues to piss me off too. She comes home on Saturday and says "Hey I am taking the kids out with Nick". Apparently bringing up the subject means I agree and it is a good idea. I kinda thought I had reservations. It also means she told me that she was going to do this on Saturday of course. She went to an ice cream shop and gave the poor kids a bucket of ice cream. The boy being Waffles protege of course ate the whole thing and came home crying about his aching tummy. On Sunday they also went out together.

The only reason I have any problem with this is because inevitably the kids start saying "Hey Nick has a cat and when he comes to live with us the cats will need to fight to see who is dominant". So basically they are children and think if you date someone and stay over there house multiple nights that you must be getting married. If the relationship does not work out I do not want them to feel sad because their pal Nicky is not around anymore.

The wife is retarded and not as forward thinking as me. Actually any of you who know me can attest to the fact I am about as forward thinking as a retarded chimp. I made her deal with the children's expectation issue at least a little bit by repeating what JMan said to me in front of both of them. She then has to explain that staying out every night until 6AM with Nick does not mean they are getting married.

Honestly if they did get married it would solve a lot of problems. My wife thinks she can afford to keep the house and live there but I know she can not. I keep trying to get her to face up to this. Since she will not the next best thing would be for Nick to move in and support her. I am fully in support of this option but it is probably as likely as the wife getting a clue.

I did appreciate the sentiment in comments that I should "JUST GET THE FUCK OUT DUDE". While there is probably nothing I would like more I just can not do it. If there were no kids involved it would be easier. No way I am putting my kids through the financial and emotional stress of me just going to an apartment. I was fully prepared to live with the wife for the next 12 years and sacrifice everything for the kids. Fortunately the wife did not want this and we both agreed miserable is not a good way to go. Being stuck for six months to a year more to ensure a smooth transition is not so bad I guess even if I am feeling trapped now that I can see my freedom inches away.

Ah my friends who knew the train wreck would be non-poker related when I started this whole thing. Peace out.

P.S. Lightning read more of my posts. I told you Lake Beast is dead. Thank God. Only good thing my sister ever did for me.


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I read your posts. All of them. I believe in the Lake Beast.




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