Friday, August 14, 2009

Just Rambling

Lot of things going on so I figured I would ramble through them all. My medicine has brought my pain down to a manageable level and I am hoping I will be done with the pain after sitting on my ass all weekend. So that is my plan. Level up my druid (75 Night Elf on Alterec Mountain) and keep my foot out of shoes. Shitting green diarrhea is the only bad side effect. I ate a whole plate of Sushi today just for fun. Will report in on the results in an hour or so.

The wife is doing good on the dating front. She is seeing this guy whom I refer to as "Nicky Poo". She texts him at all hours. She was out until like 2AM with him last night. She refuses to admit sleeping with him though. She is going away with him this weekend. Hot stuff.

I saw boobies. They were big. HUGE. Lovely. Nice big nipples. I may or may not have shown a thing or two myself. Modern technology is wonderful. I should be getting an up close and personal view soon. Lake Beast is done with. I never really considered fucking her because she is just a Lake Beast. She could have a contest with my sister for the dumbest moron living in her parents basement award. My sister went ahead and told her not to talk to me. At least she did one good thing for me. Thanks Sis!

I was hoping a little that my sister changed into a human. That possibly I could have an adult relationship with her. No idea where this nostalgic wish came from. Five seconds after I friend her on Facebook I realize this is impossible with a retard like her. So back to having no family. I guess it could have been a more expensive lesson.

I need to step up my game. It is weird. Like today just ordering lunch it went something like this with the hot Asian chick and the pierced nosed hottie.

Me: It is hot out.
Her: Yeah, I like the hot weather.
Me: yeah. me too. (Do not mention sweaty man boobs do not mention sweaty man boobs)
Her: It is a short walk to work from home.
Me: Me too. Walked over from Hancock.
(** Awkward silence in which I do not know what to say **)

It is funny because I can talk forever over IM but when I meet someone in a social situation I just have no idea what to say. I probably need to get out more and do some interesting things so I will have something to talk about. Perhaps the built in silences are less awkward over IM? Maybe I should put a keyboard on her chest and then I would be alright. I really need to work on having some kind of social skills.

Nothing else is really going on. I feel kind of like stuck in a holding pattern. I need to take much more control of my life. I have even let my license expire and my phone is lost somewhere. I plan on getting my License back when my toe feels better and then opening up my own checking account and start paying my own bills. I need to wrest control of my life from my wife.

Hope things are going well for you all. I may play some poker over the weekend. We shall see.


Blogger Bayne_S said...

If she had said "It is a short walk home from work" it would mean she wanted you

8:00 PM

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