Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She Touched It!

I went to the doctor today and got the medicine Big Pirate suggested. The side effects for it are only if you take it long term so I guess I am ok with it. So I am relaxing in the car on the ride back and my wife is like "What is that?". I am like "huh?". She is like "Do you have an erection?". So I am like "Um yeah". So then she pokes it. Like she did not believe me. Then she is like "Why is it up? What are you excited about". So I had to explain to her how I never left high school. You know. The days when you pop a boner in math class for no reason. That is me all the time. Stiff wind. Strong rain. Whatever. It is constantly going up and down on it's own. All the time. Some people have told me 40 year olds loose it but I am going strong as ever.


Blogger Sean D said...

Ummmm Eww. TMI!

You must be feeling better!

7:25 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Time to call the lake slut ...

8:43 AM


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