Thursday, August 06, 2009

Percoset Hangover?

I swear amateurs like myself should not self medicate. The first night the percoset was my best friend. The pain went away. I felt all relaxed. I did not sleep through the night but it was not the pain that woke me. It was more like percoset gives you some weird semi-awake dream state sleep thing. It is odd. So at least I did not feel like I slept but I felt a little refreshed at having a break from pain.

Last night I popped another two. It did not even take the edge off. I mean can I become immune that quickly? Is god up there laughing with Jesus.

GOD: Hey Son, Check this out. *ZAP*. HAHA! Those percosets will not work now!
Jesus: Good one dad! I almost forgot about your sense of humor.
GOD: Haha ya! That cross thing was funnnnyyy!

So since two did not work I waited till the bottle said I could take two more.. and popped those. Nothing. nada. I was in pain all night. Even worse. I woke up today. I swear I had a percoset hangover. Is that possible? I mean my head was all foggy and I felt a little disoriented and fucked up and even dizzy. Weird shit.

Since the fucking things stopped working for me I guess I am going to pass on tonight. Shit man straight to the heroine for me I guess.


Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

FYI as a percocet user when I busted my ankle, the real pain is in the side effects....IE take some meds that make you shit asap.

True story, pain was worse than the ankle....

2:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they have needle exchange in Dover?

3:14 PM


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